2009 -> 2019



I don’t know you, but my social media is FULL of pictures of people 10 years ago, and today.

Let’s put a lines spin on this. What were you listening to 10 years ago? And today?

For me, 2009: The XX https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PElhV8z7I60
2019: George Fitzgerald https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHmjnVGw1jQ

For extra points, what did your music sound like 10 years ago (if you were making music) vs today?
Here’s my 2009: https://tlls.bandcamp.com/album/you-and-this-song
and 2019: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjssxATjCV4

Let’s hear it people!


I tried finding out what I listened to exactly 10 years ago, but instead found out that last.fm only started grouping recently listened to tracks by date on the 23rd of April 2011 (everything before that was played on an “unknown date”). On that day, I listened to Tom Waits:

I still listen to Tom Waits :slight_smile:


Good idea for a thread (unlike the picture thing which I’m suspicious of).

2009: My tastes were a lot more mainstream. Radiohead, PJ Harvey, Aimee Mann, Kristin Hersh, and also quite a lot of English/Scottish/Irish folk/trad. 2019, I’m listening to a lot more electronic music, & buying nearly all my music from bandcamp. Recent purchases include music by Hainbach, Donnacha Costello, Caterina Barbieri & @n-So.

2009 was also the year that I bought an Eigenharp Pico, starting a journey back in to playing music. I’d played trumpet in school 20 years prior to that and hadn’t played anything since. I don’t have anything recorded from that era. 2019, I still have that Pico, and quite a bit more besides, and have learned a bit along the way. I’m very grateful for this forum, as it’s been a real source of inspiration and education. As to what my music sounds like, I’ve contributed tracks to the last few LCRP releases and have some other noodlings on Soundcloud.


2009, Shedding was in the band form with my dear old friends Joey and Tim (old buddies when I played in Parlour - Tim also played in Aerial M, Crain, the For Carnation, etc., Joey also played in a great band called the Loved).

So it was a weird phase, but really fun to return to that sort of collaboration and I miss a bit more of a normal reception/approachable music/people actually showing up to a Shedding concert because it was vaguely catchy :slight_smile: It was also fun singing.

Otherwise, I think I did one laptop set of my older stuff collaging birds with Eric Dolphy for a show at a museum. That was fun because Tim (above) did some great visuals and I think it marked the last show for the For Carnation, which was one of my favorite bands. They were great, weird lineup that was very different from previous versions though.

I can’t imagine I was listening to much different than I do now, but my ear hadn’t acclimated perhaps to some of the GRM/Creel Pone sort of zones quite so much.


You are a beautiful human, Duncan Foster.


What I listened to in 2009

What I listened to today:

In general my music listening has not changed soo much if I check my old Last FM profile. :slight_smile: Still all over the place these days. But also here a lot of Bandcamp stuff (Kevin Drumm, Steamroom Releases by Jim O’Rourke, tape releases from overseas which I would not play the tape version of anyway and am happy with digital only…).

My music in 2009:

My music in late 2018:


2009: I was listening to a lot more industrial and powernoise. Glitch and chiptune were fading a bit for me. Prometheus Burning was my favorite.

My own musical project was called Falls A Star; I was using FL Studio and a bunch of VST plugins to make dark ambient and abstract experimental-ish music. My two releases that year were Dian Skies (which I still mostly like, though I had a tendency to use more samples than I really needed to) and Patterns. My favorite track among those:

…and now I need to go listen to more Prometheus Burning. (Greg Van Eck of the SysEx Dumpster podcast was a member.)


I’d blush if I were the blushing type.


pretty much the same weird, slow, electro-acoustic improv, and autechre

this Erstwhile disc left a strong impression, as I had just picked up the clarinet. maybe more rap, too


Fun idea! 2009 was the year I started drifting away from filmmaking and more towards to music – buying a lot of Wire issues, rummaging through the crates of free improv at Cheap Thrills in Montreal, probably going through Anthony Braxton’s catalogue rather methodically (god this feels so far in the rear-view mirror). That led, for me as well, to a lot of

I wasn’t making music yet, but here’s an excerpt of a film I was working on at the time:

In the last couple of days, I’ve listened to Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s Abstractions, and a lot of Curtis Mayfield.


My music tastes are fairly broad, so really haven’t changed much in ten years, since I still still listen to jazz, metal, hip hop, noise, ambient, etc. In fact, in the past two days, I’ve listened to three albums released in 2009 (Lost Channels by Great Lake Swimmers, In The Dream Of The Sea Life by Candy Claws, and Many Moons A-Go-Go by Sore and Steal), so I’m quite literally listening to the same music.

I think the shape of the music I make has remained similar in the past ten years too. I released this 10 years ago, and I while I would revise it here and there if it were new, I’d still be comfortable putting it out today. That said, the past year I’ve mostly put composition aside and focused on playing guitar (also think I bought my first guitar in 2009).

I had to take a moment yesterday getting my head around 20 years had past since 1999 (y2k panic scam, dotcom boom, the Kosovo war, the South Park Movie!).


2009 was my 10 year anniversary with Max/MSP and I was in the middle of the switch from macos to linux. The next year I played my final MacOS / Max set, and did a series of things with ChucK and SuperCollider and PD, and ended up deciding to try writing my own python-based system…

~10 years later still trying to catch up with where I was then… but it’s been a useful journey.

Hm. So I guess listen to the same music, and my music sounds the same… Hm. Not sure how I feel about that. :slight_smile:


I think I started making electronic music in 2008 or 2009 by using Audacity to mash up pop songs :joy:. I moved to FL Studio in 2009, which allowed me to start adding my own sounds to what I was doing, so my mashups morphed into more … reinstrumentations, let’s call them, because “remixes” to my mind implies a shuffling of the song structure.

Anyway, this one, for Kanye West’s “Love Lockdown” has a lot of … strong production choices and a poor mix, but it highlights some of the sounds and ideas that were capturing my interest around then. When I went to college, I learned that all the cool kids were using Ableton, so I tried it (especially since FL Studio didn’t work on Mac at that time) but the Session View was so befuddling vs. FL Studio’s step sequencer that I made no progress for years (it didn’t help that I had more interests and outlets for my creativity occupying my mind than I had ever before, of course.)


My grandpa was still alive. My geriatric dog was still a puppy, and these were my top 15 albums according to a dusty old Facebook post from the archive I downloaded before I deleted all that old stuff from the site (Facebook was so quaint back then!)

  • Blue Sky Black Death - A Heap of Broken Images
  • DJ Food - A Recipe for Disaster
  • Shpongle - Tales of the Inexpressible
  • The Mermen - Food for Other Fish
  • Prefuse 73 - One Word Extinguisher
  • Meat Beat Manifesto Remixed - Fans Who Are Musicians
  • Kosmo Koslowski - Den Magiske Snor
  • Secret Frequency Crew - Forest of Echo Downs
  • LTJ Bukem - Logical Progressions
  • The Kleptones - 24 Hours
  • Squarepusher - Music is Rotted One Note
  • Boards of Canada - Geodaddi
  • Battles - Mirrored
  • The Bad Plus - Prog
  • Future Sound of London - ISDN

From my Spotify Top Songs of 2018 (I’m posting albums instead of tracks, and in no particular order). Funny thing is that there are albums here that were among my favorites 2 decades ago. I guess I’m succumbing to nostalgia lately…

  • Raquy And The Cavemen - Release the Green Lover
  • Tosca - Outta Here
  • Polvo - Celebrate the New Dark Age
  • Tycho - Awake
  • Slint - Spiderland
  • Tortoise - Millions Now Living Will Never Die
  • Prefuse 73 - Every Color of Darkness
  • Beastie Boys - Check Your Head
  • Battles - La Di Da Di
  • Morton Subotnick - Music for the Double Life of Amphibians
  • Radiohead - Kid A
  • Kid Koala - 12 Bit Blues
  • Blue Sky Black Death - Noir
  • Portishead - Roseland NYC Live
  • Chapelier Fou - Muance

There’s a striking similarity between the two lists, in spite of a great deal of exploratory listening. I guess I’m still me after all these years.

I don’t really have recordings of my music from 2009 or before. Too bad.


In 2009, I was probably listening to a lot of Mew, Mastodon, and Radiohead. Over the years I have gravitated towards listening to heavier music; I listened to Colored Sands by Gorguts almost daily for over a year. I have been listening to more electronic music lately, particularly Jon Hopkins and Aleski Perala (despite the pseudo-scientific musical framework, I quite enjoy this).

There are some YouTube videos of an indie band I was a member of in the 2009 (drums), but the recordings are terrible. I rarely record music these days, but would like to change that in 2019.


ten years ago i was using Logic (9?) to add “reverb”, automation, and “Flex” to layered tracks (field recordings, bits of feedback, guitar / synthesizer / turntable sketches) … nowadays i’m using Audacity and a reverb pedal (sparingly)

this (group improvisation) was recorded in 2009:


it’s a bit wild to think of 2009. Major transition time: closing out the ‘party years’ and stepping back from DJing. Highlight was definitely being asked to DJ the Do Over in LA with my partner, which meant a lot since most of my idols would do sets.

The disjointed drunk set was recorded:

(it was a more momentous day than i could have predicted though: it’s when i first met my wife)

overall musically though, that year’s highlight was definitely spending every monday at Dam Funk’s Funkmosphere party. The Rah Band’s “Messages from the Stars” was definitely an anthem:

same with the crazy rare L S Movement Band’s “Move Everything You’ve Got”

In 2019, with a 7 month old, our family is still mostly jamming a lot of disco, boogie funk, italo and dub.
Top 3 most frequently played songs in our house for good times:

  1. Clio “Faces”
  2. Jackie Moore “This Time Baby”
  3. Sleepy Tom and Anna Lunoe “Pusher” :dizzy_face:


In 2009, I was listening to a lot of electronic pop: Hot Chip, Dan Black, Baths, Miike Snow, etc. And making pop songs with Ableton in Seoul, Korea.

In 2019, I’ve been listening to a lot of Eric Copeland, Lucky Dragons, and Sarah Davachi (which is sort of like going backwards because in 2004 I was listening to a lot of Black Dice (Eric Copeland) and Lucky Dragons). And sitting for hours at a small modular system in San Francisco not trying to make anything.


1979 was this:

1989 was too much of this shit:


2009 was all about this:

2019 so far has a lot of this:


2009 would have made me a sophomore in high school, and oddly enough that’s when my music taste started to broaden. prior to that I pretty exclusively listened to classic rockish stuff, Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, enormous U2 fan. but around 2009 I was becoming exposed to some less popular stuff- in particular a lot of indie folk and rock, during a time when it really hadn’t hit the mainstream yet. So lots of Noah and the Whale (their 2nd album is still my favorite album of all time), Laura Marling, Johnny Flynn, Manchester Orchestra, Bon Iver. I remember vividly listening to that first Mumford and Sons album the day it was released and being blown away- as relatively bored as I am by almost everything else they’ve put out since, I still think that first album is really exceptional. (and a quick search confirms it was released in 2009, so happy 10 year anniversary!) This is also around the time I first started listening to Radiohead, which would eventually become the thing that got me into electronic/experimental music in the first place.

So far in 2019 I’ve been getting into the habit of listening to something new everyday, starting with a lot of the recommendations I’ve gotten from you lovely people. Lately I’ve listened to more Low (Ones and Sixes isn’t as good as Double Negative but it’s still fantastic), Four Tet, Burial, Baths, Rafael Anton Irisarri. My favorite artists are still Radiohead/Thom Yorke and Nils Frahm and I can’t help but sprinkle them into my listening still. Hoping to get into more Jazz this year as I’ve never properly dove down that rabbit hole but I’m excited for it.