2009 -> 2019


Yeah, Battles was a snoozefest from my perspective, but as a huge Helmet fan, my disappointment was mostly due to my love of John Stanier. Early Don Cab (Ian Williams) was great too and thankful to have played a couple shows with them back in the day, but sort of after their prime I’d argue. Wasn’t that other dude in Lynx too? Definitely a great pedigree!


I’m personally a fan of Mirrored, really whimsical and fun with some out-there playing. Too often mathy and technical doesn’t coexist with fun, but they pull it off. However, they really fell off after Braxton left and were also one of the worst live bands I have ever seen (post-Braxton, really sloppy playing and overpowering backing tracks).


Ooh do I love American Don (and apparently Cap’n Jazz). I made a little experiment with that record back in 2001 when I was on a poor tour for a month through Europe with one of my crappy old bands. I listened to that record when I read a book called Den store Blondino by Sture Dahlström. Everytime I had time in the van to read, that record was in my ears.
Last year I reread that book and it really amazed me that through some of the passages in the book those tunes from American Don could be heard, just by reading.
I thought that was really fascinating. I’ve tried that later on but haven’t succeeded like I did with Don Caballero. A terrific reading band!


I actually think that is Echophon and Erbe-Verb, but that’s just a classic mansplaining from my side.



We played with them on that tour and I just felt like they lost something. Mike Banfield was a highly underrated element in that band. The glue really.


So you played with them on the American Don tour? The record prior to that one made a major influence on me. In Sweden that band was just something exotic back then, just like Slint, Shellac and so on. I guess it was something else in the states?
On another tour (might have been close to 2009?) we played with the band DD/MM/YYYY and they said that they were about to go on tour with Don Cab later on. But they also told me that they thought that tour would get canceled because of a messy Damon Che. I have no idea how that tour went through, but I know DD/MM/YYYY split up…


Yeah, we did a few shows with Bellini on the tour that Damon Che eventually bailed on. Very interesting guy to hang out with. Pretty complicated.

“What Burns Never Returns”, the album you mention was the last one with Mike Banfield.

Not sure the perceptions in Europe, but in Louisville that stuff was just sort of the norm (definitely not exotic). Deep Chicago-Louisville connections going back to early-mid 80s.


Wow, this is crazy. I worked in College Radio in 2k9; Bitte Orca, Vekatimest, Merriweather Post Pavilion. I was leaving my progressive hardcore phase, but was still into bands like Volcano! and Sunn O))). Looking back at top 10 lists I see a lot of the stuff that I played on the air.

But there’s still amazing stuff that I missed, judging by the music people are posting. This is great. So glad for this thread.

These days I’m really trying to listen to the music my friends make. I have some lovely and very talented people in my social circles and I’m super excited to be able to talk to them about their tunes. And looking forward to the output here in the Lines community, of course!


Yay for Volcano! Love all their stuff but Beautiful Seizure is still one of my all-time favorite albums.


2009 was Merriweather Post Pavillion, Quitters Raga, and the Avett Bros. I think I made a Kanye/Arcade Fire mashup, but I have no intention of subjecting anyone to that.

2019 may be the year of rediscovering music that is not ambient? I exaggerate, but only slightly. I’ve got a guitar + aalto track on the very long ambient combination, hoping to put out a self-released ep at some point this year that works with various flavors of feedback and acoustic guitar.

(There’s a much longer, much more self-indulgent version of this post in me reflecting a certain amount of angst about turning 30 and some deep nostalgia for sophomore/junior year of college, but I also have no intention of subjecting anyone to that.)