2012 monome 128 keys inaccurate response


This is for @tehn specifically but also for anyone who is interested or has solved this.

The keys on my 2012 walnut 128 have always been a bit inaccurate, meaning not all presses are registered when applying a reasonable pressure level. They have always been this way, but recently I picked up my older 64 (walnut, 2009) and its keys fire even on light presses… There are no dead keys on the 128, just sometimes I need to press a lot harder than on the 64.

I tried searching on the old forum about this issue and found some people could improve the response on grid kits by “smushing” the carbon rings in the pads, as recommended here: http://basementleds.blogspot.it/2009/05/improve-button-response-smush-carbon.html

Will this work on more recent models? What else should I look for?


e-mail info@monome.org to get a replacement set of pads. we’ve improved them.