2015 grid noise fix


I believe I’m experiencing this issue with a 128 Monome grid I just recently bought from monome.org last month. Could this by any chance be the problem?



all grids shipped from monome directly will have the correct capacitors. you can check this (if needed) by taking off the bottom cover with a 1/16" hex.

what’s your setup more exactly? it may be an electrical issue in general.



This forum software is awesome. It just suggested this topic to me - which made me realize that my Grid 128 must have the wrong capacitors as it buzzes loudly when fully lit. You can hear it in the video below when the “error” mode is triggered in my quick and dirty Simon Teletype patch.

I’ve ordered the replacement parts and will be swapping them out.

Thanks, @tehn, for making this information and fix available!!



Fix applied (finally) and working perfectly. Thanks again for the info on how to do this. My 2015 grid is now super-silent when fully lit!!