2018 Grid LED problem(?)

I have just received my new Grid and Ansible from the latest batch.

When an LED is fully lit on the 1st (top) row, the corresponding LED, in the same column, on the 4th row is dimly lit.

Similarly, when the buttons on the 5th row are lit, the 8th row is affected.

I’m not talking about light leakage from adjacent buttons, ie when the 1st row is lit, the 4th row is brighter than the 3rd.

It may just be this is Inherent in the way the Grid is constructed. It is barely noticeable under normal conditions - but I thought I should ask in case I have a faulty unit.

Has anyone experienced this? I can record a video later if it helps.

i’ve seen this before— basically a very minor variation in capacitor values (i think) affecting the falloff time of the power transistors in the LED driver. i’ve never seen it severe enough to be really noticeable in use— but send a video to info@monome.org

Thanks @tehn, will do

Email sent and posting video here in case anyone else is having the issue.