2020 beatmaking app

New software instrument from one of my fav designers


yeah Dub Russel, theres some older free max patches you can get from their website http://dubrussell.com/software/
can’t wait for this

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I literally just used HSU002 this morning…this has me super geeked

BTW you may want to know about this event:

『DOMMUNE 浅草クレイジーホース倶楽部#3』

21:00- umio x VJ DAIMAOU
21:40- Nyolfen x VJ irishoak
22:00- FEMM x VJ Keijiro Takahashi
22:30- 2020 (DUB-Russell)
23:00- Setsuya Kurotaki x VJ 橋本麦&ノガミカツキ

Streaming URL

cheers, when is that streaming?

Oh sorry I didn’t realize that was missing

March 16… and those set times are local to japan

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THIS! been looking for such tool for quite some time. not sure if my base mb air will handle it tho… still excited.

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looks great-- but it’s a max patch? whoa.

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that apc integration doe? really brilliantly done. anybody know if that’s automapped?

from what I heard yeah, there will be several popular devices auto mapped for midi
i’m reasonably certain the devs are gonna add midi-learn & osc support too

I’m not sure what i’ll use…I don’t really fancy the apc size and layout

if monome gear worked that would be a no brainer

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I thought mlrv was the most ambitious max patch until I saw tpv for the first time

now this madness…I won’t use all of the modules but yotaro has some serious msp chops . his loopers and fx are superb

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Definitely looks quite cool. I especially like the UI, and might take some inspiration from it for tpv2 (which is due for a ui overhaul anyways!).

Curious to see what the Max/M4L stuff contains. If it’s a bunch of M4L devices and/or abstractions, or if there’s custom externals in there too.

The fx routing bit, in particular, looks really slick.

While talking about other stuff I emailed Yotaro a link about ~karma in case that will help the development process. His loopers are pretty cool already but it would be rad if your external was useful for this.

Looks great. That is one slick looking Max patch indeed!


So how do you feel about it?

i like it even though it’s quite messy atm.

the only thing that bothers me a bit is that there’s no settings for recorder. only 44.1/16.



so deep and i’m floored by the ease of use with control
just figured out sample playback this morning

havent even got to glitching or input which were my fav tools on their previous app


shame about the sample rate. did you get the max msp objects or do you know what they are?

@bugaev_ @kbk


sound engine goes up to 96K (but is that only for sample import?)