2020 beatmaking app

from kickstarter:

“Max Objects will be sent to you when 2020 released. I’m planning that will contain 2020’s GUI objects, some sound effector objects (like real-time granulation), and help patchers.”

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missed this while the kickstarter thing was still running.
any chance to still get on board with the beta or afterwards once the release version is ready?


I’m sure after release you could get it but I’ve never used Kickstarter before so I’m not sure if the opting-in after the deadline works

If you contact Shuto he might be able to arrange something

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yea man, missed this too! definitely need this jam. wrote them to see if they’d accept paypal or something now… see what happens!


I also followed them initially, not the cheapest patch ( if that is but it’s now seems that way ) BUT it looked like it was OSX only and I personally use Macbook for gigs only…so that put me off, but a Max Patch of it would make me reconsider really…and a Monome connection even better…

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What happened with this project? Are those Max objects still on the way, or… ? I’m not a backer, but I was intrigued.

I’m tempted… but can’t understand why being pure MAX 7 it has to be restricted to osx, he ( yotaro shuto ) mentioned a release on M4L that would be awesome but I fear he is far far away from it, I have a couple of patch from him and theey are nice but easy replicable using Reaktor 6 and with a sync clock LOL! still…I may give it a go

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I feel like somewhere I read that shuto did the code in C even tho it’s been implemented as a mac standalone

either way, yeah, seems a bit strange that it isn’t unrestricted

maybe he fear some ‘unrestrictd’ distribution of it… still many apps goes around…being an experimenteer in sound and none I feel attracted by the project but to keep my mac ON just for it …well


I’ve been too lazy to really put this app thru it’s paces…I couldn’t manage it when the beta was released but all I’d really like is audio input. Ideally to run thru fx or into the samplers.

If I can’t manage that type of simple i/o then this will collect dust on my hard drive despite my initial enthusiasm

well I can’t say as I don’t have it but the external input kind of Live one is more appealing than pre-load samples BUt that is what I now do with Re:Mix and I love the idea to prepare the set this wqay so…a mix of both.

what are minimum spec for osx? I guess Monome Control could b used?

I’m interested in the beat grid aspects… anyone care to report?

Also, the video shows an APC40 - but really only as a knob box - can anyone report if it works with a grid device of any type?

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aw man i will report more after testing but

i LOVE the grid ui
it’s probably standard fare for everybody else

simple answer to this question:[quote=“mzero, post:40, topic:2686”]
can anyone report if it works with a grid device of any type?
[/quote] in the sense that i assume you’re asking about (1:1 grid mapping)

the purpose (at least beta) its not meant to eliminate mouse usage as far as i can tell

i’ll elaborate more later this evening about my likes dislike and feature requests i’m mulling
the complicated answer is that I use control-midi app in tandem with 2020

Eagerly awaiting elaboration!

On the kickstarter project site the Standard and Max pleadge seems still avail…does anyone kmows if that is actually possible?.. the man in charge did answer me a couple but not on the matter. He ( them ) are simlpy ignoring any information despite I also bought 2 of their patches

I don’t believe that once funded, the pledges are still available via Kickstarter itself. They’ve already done the $ collection and distribution. Often, the project will accept pre-release orders at their own site (usually at slightly higher than the pledge levels)… but many don’t have the bandwidth to manage such sales. I suspect this developer falls into that group.

It may be…If only the developer could be bother to answer emails instead of ignoring totally…over the kickstarter community the last message was june…no official forum for it…only facebook and even there no trace…maybe they are polishing things up, and yet don’t know WHAT spec is enough to run such collection of Max Msp AND maybe is just big Hype about it…so far it looks like a 99 Euro Patch to make Autechre 1999 sound LOL!

does anyone know anything about the current status of this project? i’d like the purchase it or try it out somewhere but i can’t find out where.

I’ve checked in every once in a while and there used to be a forum but I think it has moved.

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It looks like development of 2020 can be tracked here: