2021 Grid -- Discolored Pads

I’ve had my grid sitting on a shelf for a couple months, took it down to play with it after getting some free time today. Noticed some of the pads were a dark grey. I took it apart to see if something got in there, but I don’t see anything. Doesn’t seem like it’d be anything related to UV exposure either… It’s only affecting these 2 pads. Anyone seen this before?

Grid itself working fine with norns!


woahhhh super weird. was anything set on top of the grid, or is there any obvious source of concentrated…idk, dark energy(?)…where it was sitting? seems oddly confined.

either way, totally happy to send you a replacement grid pad — it’s just one piece, fits in a padded envelope. help@monome.org :slight_smile:


Now that is incredibly weird. Very curious to see how this mystery pans out.