2021 Grid in Processing?

sorry if this is a repeat question - couldn’t find anything on the forum that matched. I have a new grid (picked up with the most recent drop) and am trying to use it with Processing on my non-M1 mac. following the processing studies I am able to communicate with processing (it’s able to detect keypresses and light up the grid) but the LED brightness is non variable: anything over 0 is fully lit, and 0 is off, no in between. it looks like the Monome Processing lib hasn’t been updated since 2016, so I’m sure it’s just that, but is there any way to set this up so that I can light grid keys up with arbitrary brightnesses?


thanks for checking this out— i’m not sure the processing library has gotten much exercise over the years. but the problem may actually be on a different level (ie, libmonome) so i’ll take a look.