2021 Grid in Processing?

sorry if this is a repeat question - couldn’t find anything on the forum that matched. I have a new grid (picked up with the most recent drop) and am trying to use it with Processing on my non-M1 mac. following the processing studies I am able to communicate with processing (it’s able to detect keypresses and light up the grid) but the LED brightness is non variable: anything over 0 is fully lit, and 0 is off, no in between. it looks like the Monome Processing lib hasn’t been updated since 2016, so I’m sure it’s just that, but is there any way to set this up so that I can light grid keys up with arbitrary brightnesses?


thanks for checking this out— i’m not sure the processing library has gotten much exercise over the years. but the problem may actually be on a different level (ie, libmonome) so i’ll take a look.


thanks for looking into this! curious if you had any updates on it?

grid makes a very fun control surface for driving Processing animations, but still hoping I can start messing around with the grid LEDs at some point soon :slight_smile:

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we’re working through getting the studies updated. @dan_derks just overhauled the supercollider lib and study, and work is going into the others.

processing is up soon


any updates?

I’m on a M1 mac with which I can achieve variable brightness through Max, but not through Processing.

Should I wait for a Monome Processing Library update?

apologies for the delay – Processing is truly up next (Max was a small doozy), but just to confirm, i’m able to load Processing study 3.3 and i’m getting varibright response on an M1 Mac.

as we work toward prioritizing the library + study audit, would you (@rosemarrow + @mei) be able to share the sketches you’re running where varibrightness is not occurring? happy to take a look and assist in the meantime! :slight_smile:


hi dan! – i just loaded up processing study 3.3 and can confirm that my grid is not doing varibright at all. it’s the same as my first post: 0 is off, any other value is fully lit.

i’m on a non-m1 mac – is there any other stuff i should check?

import org.monome.Monome;
import oscP5.*;

Monome m;
boolean dirty;

int[][] step;
int timer;
int play_position;
int STEP_TIME = 10;

public void setup() {
  m = new Monome(this);
  dirty = true;
  step = new int[6][16];
public void draw() {
  fill(51, 60);
  if(timer == STEP_TIME) {
    if(play_position == 15)
      play_position = 0;
    for(int y=0;y<6;y++)
      if(step[y][play_position] == 1)
    timer = 0;
    dirty = true;
  else timer++;
  if(dirty) {
    int[][] led = new int[8][16];
    int highlight;
    // display steps
    for(int x=0;x<16;x++) {
      // highlight the play position
      if(x == play_position)
        highlight = 4;
        highlight = 0;
      for(int y=0;y<6;y++)
        led[y][x] = step[y][x] * 11 + highlight;
    // draw trigger bar and on-states
    for(int x=0;x<16;x++)
      led[6][x] = 4;    
    for(int y=0;y<6;y++)
      if(step[y][play_position] == 1)
        led[6][y] = 15;
    // update grid
    dirty = false;

public void key(int x, int y, int s) {
  // toggle steps
  if(s == 1 && y < 6) {
    step[y][x] ^= 1;
    dirty = true; 

public void trigger(int i) {