20x20 Project: 20 Tracks, 20 seconds long, 20 artists, 20 albums every 20 days

A new concept record label is launching TODAY featuring 20 handpicked artists releasing 20 albums every 20 days.

The first album release will be tonight at 20.20 (UK TIME) on 20th January 2020. A new release then follows every 20 days.

All 20 artists were given complete artistic freedom to create whatever sound / music they desired but were each given the same strict criteria;

The criteria is as such;

The Album must contain 20 tracks

Each track must be exactly 20 seonds long

The project will take 400 days to run in its entirety. The 20th and final album will be released on 5th February 2021.

The idea behind 20x20 Project came about by Neil Stringfellow, who explained the development of the project;

“About 3 or 4 years ago I started making short little bits of music and as a little challenge decided to make little tracks that were exactly 20 seconds long. After I while I thought it might be good to make 20 of then in total as a little stand alone mini album. After that I didn’t do anything with the tracks at all but from time to time thought about what I could do with them. At the start of 2019 I thought I should release them in the year 2020. A friend suggested (as a joke I think) I should try and make 20 such albums in this manner but almost at once the idea occured to me to get 20 artists to contribute - each asked to follow the same strict criteria and the 20x20 idea was born”.

Artists so far confirmed include;

Guy Birkin, Belly Full of Stars, tay_ploops (aka Jessica Gabriel), Minimal Drone Girl, Danial Diaz, Martin Hoogeboom, Ikjoyce… More to be announced in the coming weeks.

The first release will be by Half Unusual (Darren Bourne) a preview is which can be heard here;


You can follow updates and announcements via;




I’d like to thank all lines members who’ve shown an interest so far in my 20x20 Project. It is 20 days since the 1st release and so time for the 2nd release!
For those who’ve not heard of the idea before now, the plan is to release 20 albums every 20 days (we started on 20th January 2020). Each album has to have 20 tracks and each track has to 20 seconds long.
There is a side variety of style coming up but could all be loosely described as experiemental in some way or another.

The first release ‘semI autO biO graphicaL’ was by lines member @halF_unusuaL (Darren Bourne) and today we’re releasing ‘Twenty Fragments’ by another lines member @DeDe (Daniel Diaz) which can be found here;

Anyone interested in the visual side of this project can contact the graphic designer David Barrington here https://dbarrington.com/


Really liked this. Bought on Bandcamp. Looking forward to seeing what’s next.


Another 20 days has past and so my label release another album…
Today we release Dish of Orcas by Canadian artist Jessica Gabriel aka Tay_ploops @tay_ploops

For those of you who’ve yet to hear about the 20x20 Project, we’re releasing 20 albums every 20 days and each album has 20 tracks, each track being limited to 20 seonds…

Thanks for interest for those from Lines who’ve listened and purchased and left me nice comments!


On Friday just past we launched the latest in our ongoing series…

This time the excellent Minimal_Drone*GRL contributed an album of pleasing electronica…

20 albums every 20 days and each album has 20 tracks, each track being limited to 20 seconds…
Perfect for washing your hands too… !


Yesterday we launched the latest of the 20x20 albums… We are now 1/4 of the way through, 5 down and 15 to come! Each album has 20 tracks, each track is 20 seconds long… New albums every 20 days…

This release is by Guy Birkin, on lines as @guy who you may know from the Aesthetic Complexity blog… https://aestheticcomplexity.wordpress.com/


We’re now up to release 7 of 20 of the 20x20 Project. This is an ongoing series of albums, released every 20 days by 20 different artists (a lot of whom are also lines members) each album has 20 tracks which all have to be 20 seconds in length.

@RupertL is todays artist and you can listen to the album here…

We’ve just had a nice review of his work by the Gated Canal Community…


We missed the plug on the Lines forum for the last album in our series in early June (https://20x20project.bandcamp.com/album/old-pepper) Old Pepper by Timbertoe. It was noticable as plays on bandcamp were really down, so thanks people of Lines for paying us attention.

We’re back again - for those who don’t know (or forgot) we’re releasing 20 albums by 20 artists every 2 days, each albu has 20 tracks. All tracks are 20 seconds long.

The latest album is by Sevenism (@sevenism) who I think is the most prolific ambient electronic artist I know - he even releases more albums then @RupertL !

Anyone who knows the work of Sevenism will know he is no stranger to hour long tracks / journeys of wonderful ambience so it was always an interesting to see how he would find making tracks that are ony 20 seconds long.
His new work is very interesting, some moments of real beauty and can be listened to here…

This is release 9 of 20, so we’re approaching the half-way stage. We’ve got some exciting artist lines up for the next few months so keep listening and follow us on… https://www.instagram.com/20x20_project/
and https://twitter.com/20x20P

Best Wishes and Stay Safe


Hello Folks,

We’re reached the half way point of our 20x20 project. Album 10 went up on Saturday just gone and this time out it was the solo cello of Simon McCorry from Stroud, Gloucestershire (UK). This is quite a stunnning album and amazing the sound when you’re limited to tracks being only 20 seconds long!

A big thanks to those of you supporting, listening and paying money when the releases are free to download, that means a lot.

I hope you’re well wherever you are in the world.
Big Love from Norfolk.



Just seeing this. Love the concept, time constraint, and the sounds. Rock n Roll on these!


6.66 min of audio on each release too.

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