21*12*21: Channel FREQ presents Winter Solstice at Repeater Radio

Following on from running the Sonic Sound Synthesis weekly programme of modular music at the Neon Hospice, tomorrow sees the launch of Channel FREQ at Repeater Radio , where programmes previously hosted at the Neon Hospice migrated to in June 2021

We’re launching with a 12-hour (actually, it’s overspilled to 2am GMT as there were so many great sessions sent in) celebration of the winter solstice, from 12 to 12 (GMT) tomorrow, 21 December 2021. There will be all manner of participants, many offering up original live and indirect sessions - where the music has been pre-recorded but live to a greater or lesser degree.

There will be music and weirder things from the likes of Jonny Mugwump, Bobby Conn, Ekoplekz, @SPIKE, Entropy Circus, Thomas Dimuzio, Thighpaulsandra, @Modulisme / Philippe Petit, No Masters, Scot Solida, Autotistikia, Now, Alan Wilkinson, Daona, Kyper Belt and more (see below for details); plus DJ Rottenmeats and DJ Xylitol at the controls.

This post will be updated as more details are confirmed or altered.

The current running order is currently as shown below - all times are GMT:

DJ Rottenmeats (prequel) 12:00:00
Nad Spiro 13:00:00
Philippe Petit 13:15:00
Alan Wilkinson 14:00:00
Hákarl & RDyer 14:35:00
Thomas Dimuzio 15:00:00
Kyper Belt 16:00:00
Autotistikia 16:45:00
Astrogenic Hallucinauting 17:30:00
Entropy Circus 18:00:00
Justin Paton / now 19:00:00
Daona 20:00:00
Jonny Mugwump – invocation 21:00:00
Bobby Conn and friends 21:20:00
Scot Solida 22:00:00
No Masters 22:30:00
Ekoplekz 23:00:00
Thighpaulsandra 23:30:00
Xylitol’s deep space kosmische jungle mix 00:00:00
Drift of Signifieds 01:00:00
DJ Rottenmeats (afterparty) 02:00:00

Feel free to drop by and say hello in the lounge.