24 Hour Drone 2019 // April 27 & 28 // Hudson, NY


Anyone planning on being there? I was so disappointed by the fact that it is the same weekend as the Expo '74 at MASSMoCA (just an hourish away) but I must drone.


oh dear. I didn’t know these coincided. (I’m playing expo74)

highly recommend drones at basilica!


I’m going again ^-^. I love this event.


I’ll likely be there also :slight_smile:

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so, nathan mclaughlin and i actually submitted to play 24HD, buuuut we didn’t make the cut (insert pitfall death sound) but since i’ll be in the area already/anyway, we decided to flip the script a little and are playing material from this recording (little video action here from our dude @baleen) we did together for the first time in town on the 26th, if anyone is around and interested…


I’m planning to attend as well.

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i’ll be there for sure. slept there last year. jesus, has it been a year already?

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I’m tempted. Having never been before, do people usually just sleep at the venue / camp? If not, what’s the lodging situation like? It’s not super clear from the FAQ.


yeah, last year I slept in a sleeping bag in the lil corner I had staked out. (I think they try to demarcate space ahead of time with tape?) obviously not the most comfortable sleep ever, (and they had the loudest music on at about midnight) but it was a great experience.


Gotcha. Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:


you were already sleeping by midnight? i think i made it to about 4:30am, but afterwards the periodic daze of waking in a strange place to weird sounds was part of what made it fun.


I think I ended up actually falling asleep around 1 or so: I made it through several Eurorack-having sets that night. In fairness to myself though, I had to drive ~4 hours before noon!


Part of the specific wonder of the Drone is waking up at 3AM to the room shaking. It is truly visceral.


Wish I could make it this year but I no longer live in the North East. I used to be just an hour’s drive away :frowning:
Anyone who is considering it should absolutely go though! Its a truly magical event. Not much else like it. And I agree with everyone else saying that falling asleep and waking up to alien noises is certainly a uniquely intoxicating feeling. I went the last three years in a row and I’m sad to not be around anymore. Next year I’m hoping to have my shit together enough to apply to play myself.


Oops. Guess I’m not going after all. It just sold out…:cry:


I would love to go, but I have two final papers due the 29th!


Well, that was weird. I randomly reloaded the ticket page and was able to buy a couple of tickets after all. Nothing about it on their Twitter, maybe there are returns? Anyway, if you’re still hoping to get tickets this might suggest it would be worth writing to the organizers and asking if there may be more tickets released.


This will be my third year. The first time I went, in 2017, I stayed up most of the night. It was very cool to wake up and see a performance going on and then fall asleep to the sounds. (I also wrote about it: https://nypost.com/2017/05/03/is-this-the-most-chill-music-festival-ever/) Last year I could only go for a little while, since I had a wedding to go to nearby.