$250 app commission

hello all! i’ve been privately trying to find someone to program an app for me for a few years. its never worked out, but now that norns is out in the world i thought i would try again, this time publicly. i realize $250 is most likely not the actual market value for a full time professional to invest their time into making this, but if someone wants to code this for fun i’d gladly pay them and of course share the app for free here online for anyone who wants to use it.

i had originally envisioned this as a max/msp patch, simply because i don’t know anything about computer programming and that’s what i have been using for all my monome work on my computer. but now that norns is out, if someone would rather code this for a grid on that platform, that’s also super cool!

basically i want a version of flin, where there are 2 instances running at the same time on the same grid, but at right angles to each other. and each time a line of lights cross each other, there is a note trigger. so a twist on the generative nature of flin for evolving patterns that aren’t immediately obvious. below is my collection of notes for what the app could be:

  • There is an app called “flin” https://github.com/monome-community/flin and I’m looking for a similar structure, but in essence having 2 different versions of flin running overtop each other at the same time but at right angles.

  • In the same way that the original flin lets a user select different length notes which “fall down” the columns from top to bottom (the closer to the top the button press, the shorter the string of lights), the new app would keep this but add notes (or strings of lights might be easier to talk about later on) that “fall” left to right across the grid, in the rows (the closer to the left side of the grid, the shorter the resulting light string).

  • The functionality being that when a light that is falling from top to bottom in a column crosses a row of lights that are falling from left to right, there is a note trigger for the duration of when they overlap each other.

  • Then, it means that columns can be different notes, assignable in the same way that the original flin has organized it (and with midi output the same). And rows can actually just be note length then… or triggers as it were, since notes will play only when the inputs cross each other. I am trying to imagine that this will keep the app simple and yet still generate some sort of system that, while not entirely predictable, will be fun to play with and see a surprising result.

  • The other option would be to make every single button on the monome grid an individual note and then to just have the inputs in rows and columns trigger each individually as it happens to work out. But this seems to be very hard to make so the app would scale to different sizes (64, 128, 256).

  • There is the problem then of input entry… of how the app knows if a button press is meant for a row or a column, since each button is in both. I suggest then to model some behavior off of the Mark Eats Sequencer http://www.markeats.com/sequencer/ which has a very elegant user interface and design for vari-bright grids. I propose that a short button press enters presses into rows, while a long hold enters the press into the columns.

  • Additionally, the only other function the app needs is the ability to clear either a row or a column… to that end I would suggest a double button press in either the lowest row or the right most column would clear the corresponding row/column. The reason I mentioned Mark Eats Sequencer is because he has figured out somehow to code what it means to have a short press, long press, and perhaps even double press.

  • Aesthetically I would like the app to be universal, scalable to 64, 128, and 256 grids and also with functionality for the new vari-bright grids like the norns version of flin. Again, Mark Eats has a really nice interface which utilizes this perfectly. Specifically to this new app, I would then imagine it would be good that the strings of lights which are falling down the grid and also going left to right across the grid are “dim” and where and when they cross then that button goes “bright” for the duration of the cross. As well, in clearing a row or column, a double press could signal a very very brief bright “flash” of the row or column that has been cleared so you know it got erased?


hey, i’d be up for giving this a go on norns, sounds fun!
do you have a deadline in mind you need it by?


that would be insane! i have a live set coming up at the start of october, so ideally if i could get a version of the program in time to rehearse a bit with it for the set… maybe middle of september if that seems realistic?

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OK cool let’s shoot for that, I’ll be travelling for a bit in mid-Sept but I don’t think it sounds crazy. Will start playing around then probably PM you a load of questions :smile: