256 ableton 9

Ive been looking for some solution for Monome 256 mono version to launch Ableton clip and scenes. There is Max4Live Terms app but it doesn’t really give you feedback of currently played clips as it’s rather designed for newer varibright Monomes.

Also there used to be Pages but I have problems making it work with never Ableton. Does anybody can suggest some apps or workarounds? Thanks so much!

I still love my 16x16 matrix as I can do all compositions on one page and would love to have something much more suitable for old mono versions instead of getting newer 128 or some novation controller…

There is always the insanity app. It’s a max runtime app. Never lets me down. It isn’t plug and play but it is flexible.

There is also the m4l patch control. It is for 128 grids but may work with a 256. Worth a having a look.

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You tried Mabalhabla? Monome -> Serial OSC -> MIDI

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Thanks! I’ve tried Insanity and it works with 256, don’t mind assigning all the buttons to clips manually but seems this app is not giving visual feedback of all loaded clips and though it makes it a bit difficult to use. Or maybe I’m doing something wrong here?

hmmm I havent used insanity much lately as Im trying to keep everything in the m4l environment… I also havent been using clips much lately, preferring to use the @elquinto’s remix patch and some of the other monome sequencer apps with my hardware. A closer look in my monome patch folder revealed this app Terms-Launchd.amxd (374.2 KB)
which works smoothly for me running live 9.7 and max 7. Im not sure if this is the clip launcher patch currently listed in the repo of from some other source. Seems run well within the smallbatch patch im using to run multiple patches on my 128. Hope this helps.

I know this isn’t really what you’re after, but having spent years using my mono 64 as a clip launcher, I bought a (very cheap) Push 1 last year and the difference has been astonishing.

Event factoring in the extra size of the 256, I would definitely recommend thinking about a dedicated clip controller… I’ve found that the RBG pads and tighter integration / navigation make the whole process much easier to follow, plus it frees up my monome to control different apps or sequencers alongside the main grid.

Obviously depends on exactly how you’re approaching things, but switching to a Push really did make me realise that monome clip launching can be quite limited.

any other recommendations of apps to use with Live and the 256?

Is the new clip launcher by @markeats not compatible with 256? It’s really a great improvement on the useful but a bit limited launchd from term if you want more control


Mark Eats Sequencer is fun even with a 64 GS grid, can’t imagine how much fun it is with 256 varibright.
Would be even more awesome if there was a version for PC! :sweat_smile:

Yeah no I was mentionning Mark Eats “Clip launcher” and not the sequencer (oh how I wish there was a PC version). The Clip Launcher is a straightforward M4L device that, being M4L, works on anything that can run Live Suite.

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Oh shit! Didn’t know about this… Pretty cool indeed!
Soz for the premature post without looking at the link.

oh cool! i need to look into this. still awaiting my 256… it’s been 10 years since i had one yeeeee!!