256 Bus Power Upgrade / Power Supply recommendation

Hey guys anyone got or know where I could get the grid 256 usb bus power upgrade fro the older grid’s

If not anyone can recommend a good psu? I have a few different adapters at home that work but the cables to quite fit snug enough, slight movement disconnects the grid.

Awesome if anyone could help. May also be trading my GS 64 if I can get the 256 how I want it. UK based btw


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It’s just some wire and a capacitor so you could get the stuff from any electronics supplier.

Details here:

Or you could buy a kit from monome if you wish.

Ahhh great thank you! Does this remove the functionality of the normal power input?

I’ve never actually done this myself but you’re removing the the dc-dc convertor so I would presume yes.

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Ok think i am going to decide against the upgrade as I would prefer to keep it in is original spec! Probs a classic piece of gear? Any good recommendations on a power supply?? I have a few random ones at home that work but don’t seem to fit very tightly / loses power wit the slightest movement of the unit? Be great to get a link to a good one, or some specs size and power wise.
Best Alistair