256 grid compatible apps

they’re mentioned throughout the forum, but i wanted to see if we could get a list of 256 grid apps.

so far, i know of the following:

re:mix (m4l compatible)
m4l-suite (m4l compatible
the party van
mark eats sequencer
Mark Eats Clips (m4l compatible

i think all of those work with the 256…correct me if i’m wrong.

ps i’m on os x 10.13.3 and have access to m4l which is always a bonus if it’s compatible.


Some (but not all) of gridlab supports 256 grids.


mlr AES edit

pd_mlr (requires monomeserial bridge)



blinken park











I’m probably missing a few.


That repo from stretta looks phenomenal. Can’t wait to check it out this evening.



thanks for the comprehensive list @jasonw22!

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Don’t forget the one and only dj256!
(dj64 for the 256!)


Could you put a link up for the dj256 I’ve never seen it before.


after some snooping, this is what i found

from the user simioliolio


i don’t know if this is going to work, but i did a little test with matrixctrl and it seemed ok, might have missed out something vital, but see if it works.

its dj256, the “fat fingers” version of dj64. i would love to see this in action. in practice, it is a rubbish idea, but i would love someone to take a vide of them using it.

i would not recommend pressing all four buttons at once, because the release of four buttons may cause unnecessary messages, and a lot of glitching. this is a very quick fix for 256 people, and this may inspire someone else to do a much better and more practical job of it.

so, can someone make a video of them using this patch (if it works) on their 256? if so, it will make me chuckle :smiley: kero, you up for it?!"

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There it is! Thanks so much for uploading, I just saw the replies and was about to upload it myself. I’ve been using it for quite a while after finding it on the old monome forums, and have used it a ton in live performances without any problems. And like you said, don’t press all 4 buttons at once, just pressing one will trigger everything you need.

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ah, so the download link i found doesn’t work. @Arithmetikmusiq do you mind sharing it?


Ha, funny thing is, i scrolled through my bookmarks and had the same exact link, it must have expired though! But have no fear, I just uploaded it to my dropbox and created a link for ya and anyone else who might want to try it out! Let me know if it works! Enjoy, friends!

All Love.

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awesome! thanks @Arithmetikmusiq

also, if anyone wants to chime in and recommend apps that are on this list, that’d be awesome too…just too many to try :smiley:

one a day for a month, and you’ve got it sorted. :wink:

And part way through you’re likely to start to get a sense for the relationship between app documentation and app experience, which will start to guide you in terms of “how deeply should I test (if at all) a particular app?”

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i just parsed through all of the old apps i saved from using the 40h to the original 256…it’s been a long while since i’ve treaded in 256 waters, so much more to explore.

i’m really just excited about using apps within’ Live (e.g. re:mix, dj256, and the handful of apps that @elquinto ported over) since i’ve recently steered toward using Bitwig for my recording/mixing/arranging etc.

time to start diggin’ :crazy_face::exploding_head::hugs:

Ah, well, that significantly reduces the list.

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i remember using rewire with mlr, so maybe that’s still an option with the ones that aren’t ported to m4l.

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Can anyone get Bigwing to work anymore? I can’t connect to the Echonest website for some reason, and have never been able to get it functioning properly.

After checking out dj256 (a couple of you guys), what do you think so far??

i opened it up for a bit, but wasn’t able to mess around with it much. so you throw two audio files (two song preferably) and mix the a la dj style?

yes sir, you’ve got it. takes a minute to get the hang of it, but so much fun, and a great live performance tool.

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Does anyone know of any new apps for the 256 in development? I’m always looking for new ways to jazz up the live sets.