256 grid compatible apps

i opened it up for a bit, but wasn’t able to mess around with it much. so you throw two audio files (two song preferably) and mix the a la dj style?

yes sir, you’ve got it. takes a minute to get the hang of it, but so much fun, and a great live performance tool.

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Does anyone know of any new apps for the 256 in development? I’m always looking for new ways to jazz up the live sets.

The newest ones I’m aware of are stretta’s gridlab max for live devices, linked above.

Just saw this, sorry—no, Bigwing does not work anymore, Echo Nest got acquired by Spotify and the EN Remix API that powered Bigwing was taken down a couple of years ago.

Making a version 2 that relies completely on local analysis, and also reads Ableton or Traktor beatgrid files, has been on my todo list for a while but hasn’t quite risen to the top yet. (Will probably have to change the name, I keep typing “Bitwing” by accident.)

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just to chime back in…these are the apps that i’ve culled it down to.


mlr / mlrv2



i tried using mlrv2, and while it seems like the most up to date version of mlr, it doesn’t seem to load correctly and i have issues when it comes to using samples with it. so far the best version of mlr is the re:mix, the max4live rendtion of mlr, but i’d like to not be tied to Live to use mlr. can anyone recommend a different version of mlr that doesn’t require m4l?


Folks have had some success with mlrv2 under Max 5 runtime, but I hear it’s a pretty hit or miss thing for the right combo of hardware and software to align. Maybe try it without getting your hopes up too high. The reason for the old version of max is the extensive UI customization used by mlrv2. This used graphics nodes that were broken in later versions of Max. Probably better to try the old school versions of mlr.

I have to admit I have never thoroughly plumbed the depths of all the various mlr versions and variants people made over the years. If you did this I’d be very interested in your findings.

i’ve had a number of grids throughout the years starting in 2007 with a 40h, so i’ve used mlr in a number of ways throughout the years. after some quick testing, the mlr_2.27_cyst and _jmelnyk versions seem to be the most solid ones to choose from.

i really wish mlrv2 worked with Max 7 because it really does look the best with all of the large fonts etc.

if not mlrv2, then i wish there was at least a way to use re:mix without Live because it seems to be the most fully featured of them all.

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Greetings from Atlanta friends!

I have been using my monome 256 for a few years now and absolutely have fallen in love with it, which brings me to my question. Are there any folks out there developing/creating any new applications for the monome? I am looking for other ways to explore and use the device in a live setting, as I’m one of those whose skill set and understanding is quite basic so there’s only so much I can grasp within my live setup. Any recommendations, updates, and ideas are very much appreciated.

Big Love.

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Have you tried most/all of these?

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there’s a lot of new stuff coming out now around the norns hardware for one - in terms of recent laptop stuff @stretta is still building out gridlab in m4l. I’m working on a few things in m4l currently as well but nothing is out yet. might be missing someone?


ooh @josephbranciforte has been cooking up some stuff in pd


I sure have. I have gotten a feel for most of those apps, spent a good bit of time with them, but haven’t dove too deep into all of them.

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Hi all!

Are there any reliable alternatives in M4L that would work with a 256 grid? I’m having a couple problems automating the recording of tracks in RE:MIX.

For one I would like to have 15 inputs, which I guess would be an easy change. I would like to be able to record a bunch of different instruments in quick succession and run them through an mlr like system. I would like to for example play a drum part in but be able to play separately with the different drum parts. Also whenever I automate paramaters in RE:MIX in Ableton the grid stops displaying.

Unfortunately RE:MIX can’t do these things. I saw an old app call Live Clip Chopper which claimed to apply mlr like chopping directly to Ableton clips which sounds exactly like what I want. I could not get my grid to talk to Live Clip Chopper however.

In my dream world I would also like to be able to transpose sections of the clips with a second grid 64.

Any suggestions on a alternative, solutions to those problems, or guidance on starting to build a new patch would be greatly appreciated.


i’m also interested in live clip chopper–i’m curious to see if there’s a way to get newer grids to talk to that thing. Looks like the last version came out in 2010 so it’s been a while.

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Hi! I’ve never been able to find the correct version of the mlr software to work with my 256 grid - any idea which one I should download? Or better yet, if you are using mlr with a 256 grid, what software are you using (links)? Sorry for a question that to many will appear kinda dumb, but I am honestly really struggling to find this.


Doing a necrobump;
I loved so much building a 128 grid and i would love to build a 256!
My main use (as a really noob programmer) is to use it as a platform to use different max patches live with my laptop along with norns.
Does anyone still perform with 256? Should i spend my money in other things?

I still work with my VB 256! :blush:
Even take it on holiday to jam and try out stuff. It’s especially fantastic with presscafe and tml256, also strum (with arc).
Additionally I do arrangements with markeatsclips


Not relevant to software/laptop apps, but since you asked if anyone was still performing with a 256: I have been using a 256 & ansible for intermittent performances over the last a few years, and I just PR’d my changes for 256 back to the main ansible repo. Still some potential issues to resolve but hopefully it will be in a future 3.x release. You can try it now if you build the FW yourself (or I could give you an unofficial build.)

(Edit: looking more closely, I think in this picture I’m actually running 256-enabled white whale, not ansible)


I just upgraded to a newer Macbook Pro, not an M1, but its running Monterey. Its strange, some of the applications for my 256 such as re-mix, and a few of the Maxpatch applications work, but things within Ableton, and especially the one i use the most, DJ256, will open, but not communicate with the grid…Is this a java problem?

Kind of lost here and could use any pointers!