256 grid not taking level messages

I recently bought a second-hand monome 256 (that I think is a number of years old, good condition but walnut casing, cumbersome, etc) and it seems to work absolutely fine except the ‘level’ osc messages have no result whatsoever.

ie: “/monome/grid/led/level/row 0 1 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8” or “/monome/grid/led/level/col 8 0 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15” simply do nothing.

I can still change the level in other ways and all the other osc messages work as normal.
Has anyone had this problem?

I thought it might possibly be a firmware issue.

What “other ways” are you changing the brightness? Are you referring to the intensity messages that set the whole grid’s brightness? Can you change the brightness of individual keys with "…/level/set"messages?

Perhaps I’ve misunderstood your post or you’ve already seen this, but some of the older grids only have a single level of brightness available. You can verify your grid edition here:


Yeah, I am referring to the intensity messages and no, I can’t change the brightness of individual keys with the “…/level/set” messages.

It has “monome” burned on the bottom so it might be the 2007-2010 edition.
But only one standard USB port so no room for external power supply?

That would be very sad for me if I unknowingly bought a pre-2010 model.

Sounds like a “series” 2007-2010 model with a bus power upgrade.
Pretty certain 2007-2010 are the only ones with the monome branding on the bottom.

In that case the grid you have doesn’t support individual led brightness setting as you’ve discovered.

Thats ok, Its still a pretty sick toy. Gonna incorporate mlr into my live set

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