256 vs 128

Dear fellaz,

I am thinking about getting a 256 grid.
Would you be so kind and post some of your ways of using your 256?
I am still not 100% sure if it is worth the investment if I already own a 128.

Yes some reasons seem obvious i.e. having more space with monome control.
Still I would really appreciate your point of view.


Do you currently use your monome primarily with Max apps or with eurorack modules?

With Max Apps. Mostly Terms, Mark Eats Sequencer, Control etc.

Mark Eats would definitely benefit from a 256. Many of the other Max apps would as well. I dunno about Control, haven’t really used it.


@kza Control is not going to give you more on a 256 grid … Mappings would be confined to the upper half of the grid. Of course you could always split up the grid and use the lower half for other apps.

I’m working on another app with which you can use the whole 256 grid for mapping controls to. Planning to release a first version soon.

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@ithkaa wow I saw your video not long ago! it looks absolutely fantastic and highly interesting!!! all my respect for such amazing and incredible work! I am looking forward for the first release!

Thanks for the answer

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