2d/3d, aftertouch grid?

Is there a future universe in which grid has aftertouch and/or can tell if a key can tell it’s being tilted?

A version of this future already exists in the grid on the Polyend Medusa.

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Yes, it’s a shame they are not (yet… hopefully) offering their grid as a standalone thing.

I wonder about this as well. I started building a chronome years back but never finished it and ended up just coming around to the monome grid in the end. I think it’s pretty cool that the grid has more or less kept its same functionality over the years, but I do think sometimes about ways to make it more expressive. I really don’t know if pressure sensitivity would benefit grid directly because the buttons already feel really darn good to press, but it would be cool to have some kind of supplemental controller e.g. a separate device to control velocity and aftertouch and the like. I think the isometric keyboard metaphor is super fun and will invite lots of new musicians into the electronic sound world… and that definitely calls for buttons to evolve!
Who knows!

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Not buttons, but buttons aren’t going to hack it for expressive play anyway.


Yeah touché is the one that comes to mind mainly. Not perfect if you’re trying to use both hands on the grid…
Although I guess you could just plop it right on top (this was a joke but I would probably try it)

The Linnstrument is amazing…


Had this idea rattling around in my brain ever since chatting in this thread last—

Seabed: a little conductive fabric bedding to set your grid on… As elegant as an extra cable sticking out from underneath grid can be. After-touchy.

Have any of you had experience with this material? This wouldn’t allow for poly aftertouch, but if it felt good I don’t know that I’d mind. The question I would then follow with us how one goes from having the fabric to connecting it to systems meaningfully, CV perhaps being a good place to start.

I think I read a NIME paper where someone actually did this but I totally forgot the name of the paper or who did it

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That’s excellent—will do some googlin!