2host - a DIY USBMIDI host-to-host adapter


(pronounced “Toast”) - a DIY usbmidi host-to-host adapter.

2host uses 2 TeensyLC’s to create a bridge between two USBMIDI Host devices.

Some examples of usbmidi hosts which could be connected together:

  • norns
  • organelle
  • orca
  • ansible (not working - debugging in progress)
  • ipad (with Camera Connection kit)
  • ableton or other DAW on your computer
  • raspberry pi (pisound, etc.)
  • etc.

This is pretty much a DIY version of the Sevillasoft MIDI USB-USB device.


In development, but not too far out. Need to tweak the pcb shape to maybe support the USB connectors and then see about some kinda case/enclosure (maybe just shrink-tubing will do :grin:)

Updates will be posted here as things come along.

Note - its the little green thing at the bottom of the frame in these videos



So far as enclosure goes, I quite like the quality of the shapeways’ printed version of the offworld-1 case @bpcmusic designed Offworld-1: USB power utility if you are looking for some inspiration.

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Wish I had a 3D printer. :slight_smile: Maybe I can get @bpcmusic to hack something up for me in his copious free time :laughing:

I’ll probably space out the teensies side to side and add a couple mounting holes in the middle of the board. Then it’d be easier to attach something laser-cut or 3D printed.