2host - a DIY USBMIDI host-to-host adapter

Should be fine. :+1:

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I somehow have two 3.2 left from other projects - will it work with those ‘just so’ or is there something to adjust in the code? I won’t be able to so and order two LC’s then.

lemme double check the pin assignments…

yes - should work just fine with 3.2 (or 3.1/ 3.0 as well)

Great - Thank you for the support!

FIWW - you only need to solder the 3 pins on each side nearest the USB jack - these are marked in white on the silkscreen (on the black pcbs)

I say this partly to avoid extra unnecessary soldering, and also to make it easier to remove if needed :grin:

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I just DMed you on insta – hope this isn’t a lost cause, can’t figure out any other way to connect Norns to ableton :frowning:

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would ableton link suit your needs?

Hey there, glad to see you here. You made it to the right place! Just to confirm- you’re looking to actually send midi notes into Ableton from norns, is that correct?

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Yeah, for that reason I don’t think Ableton Link would be enough right? I can link for tempo, but not for note sharing unless I’m ill-informed.

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Edit::: got it working with the sevillasoft adapter. Needed to make sure the midi in ableton was setup correctly prior to connection to the norns end. Otherwise it was overloading and freezing. See pic below of midi setup that is working for me.

Yeah you are correct link is just clock infos. I have a shield and a usb host to host adapter and am not getting any consistent luck with sending midi notes to ableton yet. This is certainly a bummer ATM

Just soldered one of these together. Wondering if anyone has come up with an enclosure for it. I’d like to 3D print one if possible.

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Hello All,

I’m considering purchasing a Norns, with the intention of doing one of two things at any given time:

  1. Sending MIDI to Ableton to control Max devices and VSTs.
  2. Processing audio from tabletop synths/noise boxes from Ciat-Lonbarde.

Either way, audio will be manipulated in Ableton, but I’m wondering as to the best MIDI setup. Is 2host the only viable option? Will Nornds not send MIDI via USB?

Excited to get one and make it an essential part of my setup, along with a Grid!

Thank you.

Yes it does send MIDI over USB, but norns is a USBMIDI Host as is your computer with Ableton. Thus you need something to translate between two hosts.

So 2host or the [SevillaSoft USB-USB](https://sevillasoft.com/Archivos/Sevilla Soft MIDI Breath Controller MBC1 ENG.pdf) thingy are 2 solutions to that problem.

I made a 3D printed enclosure that works pretty well, I’ll link the file with some photos when o get back to my computer.


Thank you for the reply.

Any issues to worry about with passing MIDI data, such as using a USB-C to USB adapter, to connect the USB from 2host to a MacBook Pro?

Is it possible to purchase a 2host fully built, or only the PCB?

Adapter should work just fine if it works with other standard USB devices.

I’ll DM you about a built 2host.

@setfield Apologies for the long delay, I’ve been swamped with work ahead of the Thanksgiving week.
Here is the rendered case along with the 3D printed top and bottom.
My understanding on the printing side still leaves much to be desired but it works well enough.
The screws are 2.5mm X 8

I have not quite figured out how to upload the models to git so here is a dropbox link…

I’d love to see any improvements to it if anyone makes mods.

Thanks again to @okyeron for functionality - it’s so nice to be able to sequence content via ios and send to other usb midi hosts.


Hey! That’s swell! :grin:

holes for the led would be a welcome addition (to view midi activity)

What length screws do you end up with?

Screw size was 2.5x8mm.
Totally agree about the LED lights, this was rev 2 and have not revisited the print again - still feels like many iterations to get it feeling good.

I’d love to see how others prints turn out if they print it - print time was about 2 hrs on my ender 5


Excellent! Thanks for sharing this! I may try adding the LED holes and printing it this weekend. Is the model available on Thingiverse?