2hp passive stereo output (a companion for nearness)

I’ve created this simple passive 2hp passive stereo output as a companion to nearness.

Most of the stereo outs on the market are quite large and with a nearness you can quickly create a large stereo field. Having the extra pan knobs on most stereo outs tends to be irrelevant when using nearness (well, less relevant). The new ALM output looks good, but I wanted to put together a super-duper easy DIY kit. This thing is totally passive & so simple, there aren’t even any resistors! here is the BOM:

  • a PCB
  • a panel
  • 2 mono thonkiconn jacks
  • 2 9mm tall trimmer pots
  • 1 stereo thonkiconn jack

Each channel’s volume needs to be controlled independently, but this means it can also be used as a single mono attenuator good for audio or CV on the left channel.

I’m hoping to get some things together soon for kits of the two tone and this so if you’re interested let me know! I’m also considering other PCB colors for the mask so let me know what you think!? Black? White? Red?

I’ll also be releasing the files on github soon!

This is the rev1 panel which I’ve already corrected for cosmetics. Where the white lines are (like at the top) should be fills, but I got some of the geometry ‘twisted’ and OSHpark didn’t recognize it as filled!


20 characters of ace!


This looks great @bmoren! I might’ve done it with the ins at opposite ends and the out in the middle, to match up with @billyhologram’s Nearness, but put me down for a kit! :+1:

Yup also interested in a kit.

It’s true I immediately thought of this and adapting the design would be super easy. I ended up going for this method to keep it a bit more generic. Although I’ve got ideas of a single nearness with attenuators and this built in output as a single module at some point. Working on all of the parts now, and then I’ll put them all together into a single mega nearness output!

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Yeah, I could definitely use this and Nearness! Good thinking :slight_smile:
Would love to see both hybridized into 4hp! :thinking:

Maybe that’s my excuse to get my feet wet in PCB layout… :thinking:


Files here!

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I’ve just ordered the panel/pcb for this from Pusherman.
What would be the specs for the 9mm trimmer pots? Would I be correct in assuming A10K?

a10k is good for twenty characters.

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20 characters of thanks!

Very cool panel design. How did you print it? Is it a PCB face printed in colour directly by OSHpark?

yes, that’s correct! its straight from OSHpark, although you could use any PCB service to get other colors for the solder mask. I recommend using as thick of PCB material as possible for increased strength.

So, you designed and ordered a thick PCB that it’s only used as a front panel, without any actual metal circuit in it, am I right? I have to check if something similar exists in Europe… maybe someone has suggestions?

I’ve used 3D printing for the front panel of a bunch of projects. I really like it because you can easily design holes placement, shapes, etc, and stuff on the back for attaching the circuit (see the pictures here). But graphics is a huge pita, I really struggled to find a nice workflow, and I ended up using varnished paper stickers… quite meh.

yeah! it’s a pretty common practice these days. 4MS, Make Noise, NLC, noise Reap, Bastl, Worng, Insturo, bubblesound, Mobenthey, & many DIY projects use this method of using FR4 as a substrate for the panels.

the gold in this panel is metal, it’s the copper layer in the board. I recommend opening the files in kicad and taking a look for yourself.

Eurocircuits is a good option. All the China board houses should be able to handle this. It’s not that anything crazy is going on here, there are 3 layers. the Mask, the screen, and the copper which you can see all of in that panel, these are the same materials that are used for making any circuit, just used in a way other than to make electrical contacts / traces.

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