2hp Pluck, A mini beast!

Wow what a cool module in 2hp. Kind of like a mini rings/mysterion!
Anybody using this?



I’m waiting on signal sounds getting stock. It sounds AMAZING.

Yeah, I actually like the sound better than rings, sure less functionality, but sound wise I am SUPER IMPRESSED!

Also, try ordering directly from 2HP, they have them in stock.

I could but import to EU wouldn’t make it worthwhile. Plus signal is my local dealer and really helped when I was starting to our my system together so I’d like to support them.

I’m writing them up to potentially replace rings, maybe pluck plus plaits in place of rings…

Looks and sounds amazing. Anyone here know how deep (edit: physically) the module is?

I just ordered mine, so I will give a report soon. But it does have 4 voice polyphony, so you can do strum chords.


Deep as in physically? Or modes/sounds etc?

Ha! I can see now how that was ambiguous. I mean physical depth. My case is shallow!

No worries. 46mm deep according to a quick Google.

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Thanks. I didn’t see it listed in a few places and didn’t think to just search. D’oh! Sadly my case (frap plus) is too shallow and only allows for 43mm and even that’s a stretch…

(I hope this doesn’t convince me to get a sidecar!)

Oh noooooo I have a shallow case also. Didn’t think to check ooooofff

all 2hp brand modules are too deep for the frap tools plus unfortunately. :frowning:


Such a bummer. I love their cases and am really excited by the 2hp modules at the same time. Talk about first world problems!


That’s a great overview. Ordered and ready to go!!!

Ok mine came in the mail. WOW WOW WOW. I only had about one hour with it. WOW. Seriously the BEST hp to functionality ratio in all of eurorack.


Sorry for the derail, but I think the TRIM is actually 15mm so at least that one should be safe. All the same, I couldn’t resist trying to fit an Avert (which for some reason I convinced myself was shallower than it actually is). Anyway, with a little lift from some washers it sort of does…

I don’t love this as a long term solution though so I’ll probably notch the PCB to fit around the bump at the bottom of the frap case – luckily there’s lots of room at the edge before the traces so there’s little risk. Still I’ll have to be delicate since I don’t want to disassemble the module. (Tips from DIYers welcome BTW!)

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You’re forgetting about w/

on-topic: This seems nice. I have their Verb module and it’s pretty decent.

Sold some stuff, so now have a pluck on order. Can’t wait to play with it.