2x mk 2010 grids -- unable to connect to serialosc (Windows 10)

@silent_strangers and I spent a buncha time troubleshooting their setup. hoping to crowdsource some help.

  • 2x mk 2010 era grids (chris can you please confirm 8x8, 8x16, or 16x16?)
  • previously, had the latest stable serialosc installed
  • working with Max 8
  • patches bundled with the monome Max Package could connect via the serialosc dropdown and send LED values to the grid, but neither grid is able to send button presses
  • also, older patches (like parc) had a blank bpatcher instead of the serialosc dropdown

so, I asked chris to install @artfwo’s 1.4.2 beta, but now serialosc is not discovering either grid at all – on the Package Manager patches, the dropdown just says “none” when a grid is connected.

any ideas from Windows 10 folks? don’t think there should be any issues specific to the generation, but I wasn’t able to replicate with a 2015 grid.

(this might also help us establish Windows troubleshooting docs, which would be :100:)

No idea if this would help but at one point I had to do the following to get my 2012 era grid working under Win 10

@dan_derks did you ever get resolution on this issue?

closing the public loop – dug through the support tickets, there was unfortunately no resolution.

did greg’s post not help either? sorry to hear about the trouble :confused:

debug happening over on the neotrellis thread if you want to check in there

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@silent_strangers, @dan_derks Not really a resolution, but a possible alternative:
I started implementing a python-based serialoscd-like tool to make my grid work on Windows 10.
It’s already in a usable state, but not perfect. You might want to give it a shot. I’d be highly interested if it works on your setup.

Hi everyone, hope all is well during the Covid stuff.

I meant to post a while ago after getting my Monomes up and running on my laptop, and now today, replicated it on my desktop. So I’m fairly certain we’ve got a proper recipe for getting an MK2010 up and running on windows 10 64bit.

So heres a list that lead to success.
-SerialOSC 1.2a
-Monome Device installer (not sure if necessary, but I installed anyway)
-FTDI driver 2.10.00 (double entry due to device installer)
-Bonjour Print Services

Firewall off or make an exception.

I’m able to work in the newer packaged apps in Max, ancient standalone max patches, and M4L.

I hope this helps someone who is curious. Finally happy to get the monomes on my studio as well as traveling laptop setup.

I had everything installed, but wasnt working until Bonjour Print Services was installed. Seems absolutely necessary.

Thanks for the help, insight, and posting this @dan_derks
and sorry it took so long to get back in this posting.

Good luck!


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