2x mk 2010 grids -- unable to connect to serialosc (Windows 10)

@silent_strangers and I spent a buncha time troubleshooting their setup. hoping to crowdsource some help.

  • 2x mk 2010 era grids (chris can you please confirm 8x8, 8x16, or 16x16?)
  • previously, had the latest stable serialosc installed
  • working with Max 8
  • patches bundled with the monome Max Package could connect via the serialosc dropdown and send LED values to the grid, but neither grid is able to send button presses
  • also, older patches (like parc) had a blank bpatcher instead of the serialosc dropdown

so, I asked chris to install @artfwo’s 1.4.2 beta, but now serialosc is not discovering either grid at all – on the Package Manager patches, the dropdown just says “none” when a grid is connected.

any ideas from Windows 10 folks? don’t think there should be any issues specific to the generation, but I wasn’t able to replicate with a 2015 grid.

(this might also help us establish Windows troubleshooting docs, which would be :100:)

No idea if this would help but at one point I had to do the following to get my 2012 era grid working under Win 10

@dan_derks did you ever get resolution on this issue?

closing the public loop – dug through the support tickets, there was unfortunately no resolution.

did greg’s post not help either? sorry to hear about the trouble :confused:

debug happening over on the neotrellis thread if you want to check in there

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@silent_strangers, @dan_derks Not really a resolution, but a possible alternative:
I started implementing a python-based serialoscd-like tool to make my grid work on Windows 10.
It’s already in a usable state, but not perfect. You might want to give it a shot. I’d be highly interested if it works on your setup.

Hi everyone, hope all is well during the Covid stuff.

I meant to post a while ago after getting my Monomes up and running on my laptop, and now today, replicated it on my desktop. So I’m fairly certain we’ve got a proper recipe for getting an MK2010 up and running on windows 10 64bit.

So heres a list that lead to success.
-SerialOSC 1.2a
-Monome Device installer (not sure if necessary, but I installed anyway)
-FTDI driver 2.10.00 (double entry due to device installer)
-Bonjour Print Services

Firewall off or make an exception.

I’m able to work in the newer packaged apps in Max, ancient standalone max patches, and M4L.

I hope this helps someone who is curious. Finally happy to get the monomes on my studio as well as traveling laptop setup.

I had everything installed, but wasnt working until Bonjour Print Services was installed. Seems absolutely necessary.

Thanks for the help, insight, and posting this @dan_derks
and sorry it took so long to get back in this posting.

Good luck!



Please could you provide any info on the FTDI driver/installation process? I can’t find that version on the FTDI chip site?

the latest FTDI driver should work for monome devices, but I’m curious if you’re asking about neotrellis grid compatability – from what i could see online, Windows versions past 2.10.00 will brick arduino clones of the FTDI chip or other serial-to-USB converters (whereas MacOS and Linux are fine?). either way, looks like the 2.10.00 version is locally hosted here: https://ljck.org/lib/exe/fetch.php?media=cdm_v2.10.00_whql_certified.zip.

hope this helps!

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Cheers, Dan – I’ll check it out. (Yeah, sorry, I’m trying to get a neotrellis registering on Win10: it’s fine on OS X and norns shield, but nada on Win).

That said, following Chris’ instruction so far, SerialOSC 1.2a is giving me an error, so not even sure if that’s working for me now:

[!] running in debug mode, hotplugging disabled
[!] osc server error 9904, "cannot find free port" ((null))supervisor: couldn't create lo_server

hmm. chris’s process was for a specific device generation, so i’m not sure if it’s going to be bulletproof for others. in general, i’d say start with serialosc 1.4.1 or the beta, and bonjour. but i imagine the approach for neotrellis devices might need some additional tuning.

otherwise, similar threads suggest removing the monome-related software you’ve installed so far and trying it fresh: SerialOSC not locating monome - #3 by JKiss. here are two additional threads, in case they were buried: How i installed Monome 40h on Windows 10 successfully ... ;) and SerialOSC installation Windows 10 64bit.


sadly no joy with any of that. must be a neo thing. thanks for the recommendations though!

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