3/25 in brooklyn. monome at control

performance, demo, talk, discussion.

come say hello. we’ll have grids and modules to behold and wiggle. there hopefully will be nice sounds to hear, if the creatures all behave.

control is of course overwhelmingly jam-packed full of other music technology objects. if you haven’t been, we recommend it highly. it’s a pretty tiny place. come early to make sure you fit inside.

7pm. FREE.

416 Lorimer St
Brooklyn, NY 11206


tomorrow! come say hello!

we’ll have grid kits for $400 in person!

Looking forward it. Hoping to take a few photos/videos for those who aren’t local.


LOVE control! Spent many an hour there.

I’ve moved back to the west coast - I miss that place, and brooklyn, and you guys. not the winters though.

Great demo by Brian, Trent and Kelli tonight.


  • joint performance with Brian and Trent
  • realizing you can use a footswitch to step through notes through some
    clever programming and the clock input on the white whale
  • seeing Brian’s old pre-production 256
  • hints about a possible 2 new modules on the way…

I can now also personally vouch for the design quality of the new aluminum 128s.


Wait, what is that arc4 plugged into?

I believe it was controlling the levels within MLRv.

I see, thank you of the feedback and photos!

I am also curious about the 4HP module sitting between Switch and Earthsea…

What is it?

I am not positive, but from the look of it, I’d guess its just a multiple.

that is forthcoming small utility module that fills a much-needed facility in euro. it pairs well with our further-forthcoming module which will massively extend the entire series, but also introduce a completely new potential relationship to your system.

yes, bold claims.

thank you all for coming out last night. it was great to show and tell. no doubt i created more confusion than answered questions, but perhaps the mysterious possibilities of all of these machines are more strangely inviting than before.


Get ready for your second mortgage, boys and girls.

Looks like you had a fun night, very excited to see what’s next for monome.

I’m attempting to save for my first at the moment :confused:

Can’t wait!

massive extension!

(and SO looking forward to syncing earthsea!)

@Oootini whatcha look at getting?

Dang nabbit. Wish I could have come, but I didn’t leave work till 7:30. Can’t wait to hear mother about the new stuff. Did anyone record it?