303 day (acid)


acid anyone?









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A day late but: some all time classics for y’all:



Mid 90s


two days late but still gonna post this:


global goon’s got some nice ones




I grew up with this, it was the start of my interest in electronic music (in terms of wanting to make it).

91/92 – anything was possible, and would be released the next week. Anything over a month old, forget it. All the micro-genres, yes, but they all were played by the same DJ and made by the same artist under an infinity of pseudonyms. [Spirit of the early UR records, or Bunker acid…]

We wanted to make a new machine, disappear into it, and use only discarded technologies to do it. Little did we know what that would mean!

The unrealized ideas: occupy a half-built construction site, get a pair of searchlights and strobe them . No colors, no glow sticks, only the blackest black and whitest white. play a 240 bpm gabber track, or just the kick drum and mix in loops of car crashes, anything that would be more intense than the last thing we all experienced.

“Movable parts” – little boxes all plugged into one another. not just Roland boxes, shit found in dumpsters and loading docks, toy casios, DIY electronics. signal generators and shortwave. anything that made a sound. Interface them any way possible, as long as the cables fit…

We tried and mostly failed, then sought a more systematic approach. this not any interest in the 70’s led to the resurgence of the modular scene.

Just 25 years on, yet I cannot think of anything in history more remote from the feeling of the present time.


everyone have a blessed 303 day


It’s a great day!


The best.


Here is 1 I did for Disquite Junto 303




Some more classics!

And some recent stuff