303 day (acid)


so fucking good! relentless, like Backdoor.netshadow (Analord 09)

Ceephax has some really joyful videos… this isn’t one of them, but the track is killer:

something more relaxed:


Tin Man - Nonneo is really nice, love the space in the arrangement and soundstage…


2014 was a good year for acid, both of these were in SUPER heavy rotation for me. Time to bring em back, me thinks.


That Donato Dozzy remix is great! I’d never heard it before.

That first TM404 album and Mikkel Meyer’s multi-chord folksy acid are the two recent directions that got me most excited.

I’ve had a hidden dream of doing acid, which suddenly came through in the middle of listening to Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy’s guitarpicking. I went to the studio and transcribed some of these guitar arpeggios to patterns on a 303, and realised that this was something I wanted to work with.


Indian acid.


While we’re going to go back to early uses of the 303…


Every day is 303 day


today’s date has a different significance


313 day?

edit: also!