3rd Lines Community Stream Saturday 22nd of August, Theme: Water 🌊

It’s finally time to do the third Lines community stream!
Twice now we’ve streamed on Twitch where community artists have livestreamed their performances together. This third event will be on Saturday, August 22nd. Previous streams have been organized by @noiserock, this one is going to be organized by me.

The way it works is that the performer streams their performance live on Twitch at a designated time, then the community channel uses a Twitch feature called “hosting” to redirect the stream to the performer’s channel.
As a performer all you need to consider is having a stream running at the correct time.

This is the second stream with a theme, with this one being
~ :ocean::ocean::ocean: WATER :ocean::ocean::ocean: ~
You can suggest new themes that will be voted on for the next stream on the Discord server (linked below).

What you need to do in order to participate:

Guides and a custom overlay themed for the stream (it’s very nice) is in the linked post below.

If none of the time slots work for you, or someone has your preferred spot, just add more time slots or write a comment in this thread, the schedule is fluid and based on the number and timezone of the participants. Please come with any kind of feedback you think is relevant as I think this should be as open and democratic a project as possible.

More info, guides on how to set up and previous streams here: Lines community stream v3.0 Saturday, August 22nd


Woo very excited for this @oot !


signed up and i love water! thanks for getting this started.


Looking forward to this, thank you @oot ! I’ll be visiting my dad that weekend; I just talked to him this morning and he agreed to play together with the 12-string + modular setup, so this’ll be different from the last time I played.


that is so exciting, I can’t wait :slight_smile:


Ok! I signed up for the first slot - hope that’s ok considering this is my first time participating.

(If the first slot should go to someone with more technical experience, I can take a later slot)


The first slot should go to whoever wants the first slot!
Generally the priority is to have new players however, so you’re perfectly in your right to take that spot.


if you pop into discord a little early, someone in there should be able to take a look at the stream on your twitch account to make sure it’s running properly before it’s grabbed by the host.

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BUMP there is one more slot available! :eyes:

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I would love to contribute! Only then with visuals… maybe someone here wants to collab with me for their stream? Is it possible to have a split screen performance in Twitch?

There was some discussion of this in the Discord server a couple days ago, you should check there if the people interested aren’t already taken.

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Okay I won’t be able to contribute this time, I need more time to prepare and figure things out. But I will definitely tune in to the stream and see how it goes :slight_smile:


has anyone successfully created an overlay using the package @noiserock assembled following the OBS Streamlabs update? the json file doesn’t appear importable as an overlay file, but I may be attempting it from the wrong place.

Screen Shot 2020-08-17 at 12.48.20 PM

I’m probably using the wrong interface to import? I can’t imagine it’s related to the update.

edit to clarify: I’m trying to change the text (since I’m using a different artist name for this stream). I know how to add the overlay once it’s created.

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Hey! The overlay package is for/made with «vanilla» OBS. But I can take a stab at porting it for Streamlabs tomorrow.


ah sorry, that makes sense! if you don’t have time to port, don’t worry about it. I can use the animation and add a separate still object with my name. Thanks!

@cfd90 has graciously offered his slot to @jasonw22 and myself (playing in an as of yet unnamed mysterious duo), so I will update the spreadsheet accordingly. Excited for this :slight_smile:


@cfd90 - I’m happy to cut my time in half if you want to play a 10-minute slot? I ran a practice session last night and I’m likely going to leave some time unused anyhow.

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try this:


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thanks for that, much appreciated! I’ll see about modifying the text when I’m done with work. it doesn’t appear to be a 1:1 with the OBS instructions, but the import part was successful.

Really sorry, but I have to back out of :ocean: due to :fire:. Family who have evacuated the Carmel Fire are occupying my music studio space. We are also hosting some neighborhood emus in a spare barn stall. Fortunately all humans and critters are safe and accounted for.

Hope to join in next time! This means the spot that @rbxbx and I were going to fill us now available.