๐ŸŽถ 4 HSP ฤ‡ ASMR vol. 2, by Magic From Space

this week brings next tape release out on ingrown records, volume 2 of series called:

music for highly sensitive people with autonomous sensory meridian response

this series and set of works has been the evolution of composition thought process through many solo studio years, of an autobiographical naturesense. thank you to this community that has been here through the writing process!

from the note:

" Another human subset

  • NOT in alphabetical order

  • CR78 is was and always will b with DX7 because DX7 and an implementation of the TB303 was the string to tie each of these pieces together withโ€ฆ

  • SH101 red

  • (Basso profundo)

dreamboat music video created by the artist!



released October 1, 2019

my wife shot the footage i edited together for the video and that has been fun to open up for us working together in some way as i love having her and i couldnโ€™t do what i do without her in so many ways.

the cover is an od niwr piece, the original used on first volum. lloyd newell is amazing and graciously shares his art so freely kindly. on vol 2 the piece was basically polarized with a swirl.

the first volume can be found here:

tapes tapes tapes such a wonderful community and i deeply thank raw ryan for helping this love labor come out in the realm of physicality.

my favorite and only electric guitar is often at the center: g+l asat custom w/ernie ball 2220 power slinky strings and is like my brother.



So proud of this release and honored to be working together again!

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@ingrown thank you ryan for being so awesome!

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damnit, you did it again.


i did do things do do things am doing things. it. tyvm!

just found that the very fun and nice tabs out folks put this album at #5 for top tape releases this year! :pray:

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