4 seasons endless loop project

Four artists
Four endless loop cassettes
One for each of the year’s seasons
Summer Autumn Winter Spring
The year passes

Seasons come and go
An endless cycle
An endless loop.

I’m excited and honoured to go first in this series of 4 releases representing each season of the year, curated by @T.Jervell for Toneburst.

About the project:
Inspired by the Sami Yoik, each artist is asked to create a 2 minute piece of music, centered around the given season. A Yoik has no beginning or end and the tapes (and thus the music contained on the tape) play in an endless loop, for as long as the listener wants to. Each tape is released in an edition of 8.

With the cassettes there will also be a carefully selected tea to brew and enjoy while listening.

Edition 1 - Section of summer
I didn’t get around to make a post before this went on sale (and it sold out in less than a minute!), but the digital version is still available for anyone interested (codes below)

My project is inspired by the cross section as a representational tool and the digital release includes 6 musical cross sections through summer. After enjoying the pre-recorded loop with your tea, we would like to encourage you to re-record the tape & spend some time exploring all other 2 minute loops from this release.
For an optimal digital listening experience please listen to each track on a loop for as long as you see fit.



I’ll give it a listen! Thanks “cubh-v68w”.

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Thank you! Very much looking forward to hearing this.

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thanks! will listen soon, love your works

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congratulations on the release and really love the format and package. they went so fast!

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Thanks for sharing! I used 8ss9-x2fq

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Used this code, thanks for the generosity in sharing and the lovely write up! This project sounds really inspiring and I’m looking forward to more! :purple_heart:

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I had to look up Sami joiks/yoiks!

This looks to be written by a Sami singer. The comments on joiks’ cultural functions are really, really interesting to me.


ooh i totally missed those tapes. Im not really a fan of listening on cassettes but this one wa very appealling for creative purposes. Its great to know that people have liked this released as they should!, congratulations!

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