42/54 hp Lunchbox Inspiration


Taking a cue from 104 hp inspiration and a few posts in Morphagene advice and even a bit of Making stand alone modular instruments - wondering if folks would be up for sharing 42/54hp designs? I don’t own one, but would love to pick up a 42hp Pulp Logic Zissou one of these days. I’ve sketched out different configurations in modular grid, with the assumption I’d use it as a modular effects add on for live improvised performance with OP-1 providing the main sound source.

Here’s an example (again, I haven’t actually built this…just idle modular doodling),

The Travelling Rack Project
Eurorack: ask questions here
Traversing Trajectory

I posted this in the standalone modular instrument thread but I think this topic really deserves its own thread. Thanks for taking us there :slight_smile:

The idea behind this kit is to primarily house my ER-301 and enhance it. I want it to be a part of my other two large cases but can’t decide where it fits best (and can’t afford another one). Plus, I want to be able to take it with me and make it portable. In that sense, it will be used with my OP-1 and Organelle as a self-contained modular but also a recorder/mixer. This case is to make that possible.

The four Att/Verts on the bottom are intended to use as semi-permanent mixer controls on the ER-301 as doing this with the one big knob is kind of a pain.

The Teletype/Ansible is there to basically serve as all the other things which the ER-301 currently needs: sequencing, triggers/gates, and some CV control. I don’t own it yet but feel like my inspiration is leading me to it… soon enough.

EDIT: one comment on your case (and mine) - I just noticed that Pulplogic offers to install the output jacks on the outside of the case which could save you 12hp on your 1u.


First pass:


Yes, the 1U row is full of my own stuff. So I can spoil what’s coming next: in the gap I’d put my 1U S/H with built in noise, a 1U contact mic amp, and a pair of 2:2 mixmults. Done. (Two voices, sequencing). I could sort of do this myself; I don’t own a PipSlope or the VCA, and my disting is a mk1, but the principle holds out. Triatt as attenuator and mixer - no space for an output but I used to use Triatt as my final stage most of the time.

And, to explain usage: Tides + Pip is a complete voice - Tides has a VCA in it but needs an envelope to shine really. Rings can stand alone, or be enveloped; the Disting can be an effect most likely, but also a processor for other things. And then there’s a pair of LFOs and a clock in the top row, and an external in and some processors.


Yeah, I just started sketching a different version of mine above with your LFO and G2T modules :wink: noise / S&H?
You win! Just need to learn some soldering!


This would be a fantastic little system for someone starting out (maybe an sq-1 in lieu of the ansible if they were trying to start small).


i’m always rearranging my lunchbox. it’s a good size for building instruments.
here’s something i made for a modular on the spot set:

modules are:
3 sisters
2hp osc
diy 5 stage analog seq

and a grip of 1u utilities


Been thinking about this size a lot lately. I have a self-enforced rule of building a live rig that fits in my bike courier bag and no more, I love the idea of rolling up to a show with just what’s on my back. In addition, the rig would also include one of the following: a sequencer, a sampler, an analog synth voice, a multi-effects unit, and a mixer.

So, I already had a Deluge which covered the sequencer and sampler and then I went and bought an 0-Coast to tick off the analog synth voice (and a whole lot more). The more I looked into it, it seemed eurorack was the only area where interesting multi-effects were being developed, so I bought a Synthrotek Power Lunch case (before I heard about the owner’s offensive comments) as something small that would fit in my bag from the eurorack realm. So, here’s what I have in it currently:

Clouds with parasites firmware had all the “effects” I was looking for: granular, resonator, delay, reverb, etc. And with any eurorack you want modulation, so Peaks appealed especially for it’s gate triggered LFO’s, then all the extra goodies that came with the DMC firmware was all bonus. The Erica stereo mixer then allowed me to patch all the other pieces in and the PFL expander also be to preview everything (still waiting on these to show up actually, things are slow coming in from Latvia apparently, ha). Finally the Crosscaler gave me attenuator options for Clouds in the leftover 2hp. In the 1U row I through in the Intellijel audio interface so I would have a nice balanced output to a venue’s PA system and balanced to euro inputs so I could hook it up to all the other gear I have in my home studio.

All of that fits in my bag including a pair of headphones and all the necessary cables.

Then…I caved and bought an ER-301.

So, now I’m rethinking everything. But I really hated the idea of getting a new case for it because then it wouldn’t all fit in my bag. Ha. So after staring at the Power Lunch case for a while I have an idea of how I can fit some rails in the lid to add yet another set of 3U and 1U rows to the case. AND that if I take out the V-Rail system that came with the case which wastes all this space on the sides and used some MakerBeams I could then go right to to the edge which, after shaving a couple mm off the inner walls, would expand the width of the case to 50hp. If this all works the Power Lunch will be a 8U 50hp case. Not 100% sure it’ll work, but would be rad if it does.

If that works, I have some nifty options for units to pair with the ER-301, here’s what I’m currently thinking:

So, with the ER-301 in the lid, that leaves room for the Erica mixer + PFL to go beside it with 2hp left over, so throw the Crosscaler in there. The 1U row in the lid would be filled with gates and attenuator/offsets to use with the ER-301.

In the body of the case things get a little tricky. I really like the Tetrapad that Intellijel just released, I think that would be a great companion to the ER-301. And I was reading about the expander they are planning to build for it, so I included that in my planning (it’s the blank panel below). I can’t fit both Clouds and Peaks beside the Tetrapad + expander. So one or both would have to go. With the room left over I am torn between having another voice or another sequencer, so I threw in one of each for now while I ponder it. Then add a couple of USB hookups in the 1U row, one for a light and the other to possibly power a tiny side case with the Clouds/Peaks.

Apparently I’ve been wanting to ramble about this for a while now, ha!

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Did you already buy the Intellijel 1U tiles ?

I don’t think they’ll fit in that case.


Yup, they fit, but you can only use one rail to screw them into. You can see pics of it here:

It’s solid, works for me. But the nice thing is if I redo the rails with the MakerBars then I change the distance so they’ll fit.


i have been really wanting to make a 42hp case to bring around with me and play my OP-1 into and possibly incorporate into some projects that i play instrumentals for but not full on modular stuff. this is pretty much my idea:

50 AM

edit: only thing that bugs me about this is that the reverb isn’t stereo and there aren’t really any 1U tiles that i am sold on…

are all the other brands of 1U tiles compatible with the intellijel case? i forget what is going on with all that.


I’d say no. https://www.muffwiggler.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=167149&sid=8b0802107bd333ad602b395e9fce985e

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This is a lunchbox sized travel/live system I’ve been considering:

Or, double down on the 301 as the main source:

(edit: fixed duplicate screenshot)


I think you uploaded the same screenshot :wink:


I think we are going to see a lot of 301s… I might try to design something with nothing but small modules.


I think you have to have the jacks tile to use the Audio I/O tile (or one of the 7u cases with those 1/4" jacks built in). I think that intellijel is working on a protoype effects loop audio I/O tile that is < hp.

intellijel tiles fit in the pulplogic tile space (you can screw in only one row of screws), but not the other way around.

quadratt is an extremely useful tile (I have 2 in my 7u 84hp case) as attenuator/attenuverter/offset voltage/mixer, but it looks like the other modules in this proposed case have attenuverters for the cv ins built in, so is maybe less useful in this particular case?

maybe the noise tools tile would be useful for passing clock to the Chance…might be a bit redundant tho, I don’t know a lot about the Chance module.

seems like a fun setup!


ah yes! thanks for pointing that out, i had no idea. honestly just threw in whatever modules so as to not leave the 1U row blank for the visual haha.

i just saw that erica synths makes a 42hp case. this looks perfect to me as i’m happy leaving the 1U modules out of it all together…


I really hate rack gaps. I have a drawer of blanks to fill in gaps, because…gaps. gross.

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I’m finishing right now my lunchbox.
Used a Pelican cas 1150, which fits 42 hp, still need to fix the rails, but I’m pretty happy with it!


Rings Look Envy. it’s a thing!


The 301 in a lunchbox looks great!

Here’s my current setup: