42/54 hp Lunchbox Inspiration

To be honest the houseplants and crystals are lovely, and making fun of photos and videos of modular houseplants is almost as much a cliche as the photos and videos. Still, couldn’t resist.


Surprised the new Instruo oscillator has not been mentioned here. Dreaming about this:

No filter though…


Just ordered one of the TS-Ls for my 4u 84 case that I’m trying to finalize. They DO look great :slight_smile:

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As someone who is considering putting together a lunchbox, this thread is super inspiring – but where are all the audio / sound demos! Would love to hear what some of these self-contained microcosms are capable of.


Little effects box that would go well as an extension of pretty much any external instrument.

An extra 2hp for crow would be nice!


this is what i’m playing right now waiting for the new power for may case

and here just mangrove + dplpg + kria


You can also get the 4U x 42hp case direct from Intellijel.


Does 60hp (well, 61… thanks NoNo!) still qualify as “lunchbox”?


It just feels like it’s missing something without a Cold Mac…


I’m trying it out like this (maximum voice/hp) but I might swap out one of the Mangroves for Cold Mac if I find myself missing it too much…

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Looks cool to me, but yeah, the Cold Mac is a handy utility to have in a small case depending on your goals. I’m working on an 84 4u and compared to my main case (6u 208 total) it seems like a lunch box. I still have my 42 4u too, but I’ll need to retool it. I may not even fill it and it’ll be a stable that I can mess around with and take things in and out of my 84. I like having the chance to tinker a bit, because I try to keep my main case pretty stable. These lunch boxes are great as testing grounds. I’m already getting some modules that I’m going to put into my main case (Ultrafold in to the main case and trade the uFold out and put that in the smaller case. I put the LxD into my main case and pulled out my Optomix too after playing with it in my lunch box on tour.

Still very fixated on the 42 for improv, but with improv and interfacing with other instruments, the 84 made more sense. The ES8 and Sewastopol taking up 16 hp in of a 42 case was pretty intense + Planar for the gestural element and the 42 case is pretty much gone ha. The hard decision and priorities evaluation is such a great exercise with smaller cases. But I can’t imagine playing a solo set with a 42 lunchbox. You’d really have to dig deep. May be worth pursuing just to attempt that kind of mastery.



That Two Tone looks truly amazing in there! I didn’t know it was available. From where?

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I got it in a trade with @bmoren a while back… it’s a fantastic LPG. He may have some more available, might be worth reaching out.

Normally, there would be a DPLPG in that spot, but with the “breathing room” of an extra hp, I’m excited to try something new.

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This has to be the most “lines” skiff ever.


I prototyped a small case I want to build out of aluminum sheet (ordered the sheet! hooray). These modules are in my other case, but here is a modulargrid also of the final rig. Planning to use this with a Bastl Thyme for on-the-go composing. Part of me really likes the cardboard though. There is a picture I took taped to the back.


Feel like Pittsburgh are suuuuuper underrated. They make some fantastic stuff, and are the nicest people!


Last year or so I became transfixed with the idea of switching to a Lunchbox – mostly to keep myself from getting more and more and more modules, but also because I’ve always gotten the most enjoyment with modular synths out of trying to get a lot out of a little.

Here’s my setup from back then – a Synthrotek Power Lunch, with an Akemie’s Taiko, Mutable Clouds, and Noise Reap LFO; and then, hacked and rotated and crammed in there, a Mikrophonie and Ginko Grains with the “Patternsrain” firmware.

The idea was to have a little portable percussion machine; in the end I realized that the only way I’d get enough out of the Taiko was to have a very complex sequencer, so I sold it off and replaced it with a Doepfer Theremin, making the setup basically a Clouds with accessories. That was fun, but eventually limiting, until I got an 0-Coast… As you can see, downsizing to a lunchbox case didn’t really do much to keep me from getting new gear. It may have slowed me down a bit, and made me think more critically about what I put into my setup, but in the end I took everything out of the case and built my own 104HP skiff so that I could rack the 0-Coast and have a bit more room.

Still miss that little setup, though. I do still have the case kicking around…

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