42/54 hp Lunchbox Inspiration

thanks! yeah, just the one p/s for the whole case. no issues even with the grid.


oh man, excellent taste on the knob replacements! the orange pops nicely


Gorgeous on so many levels!

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i’d be scared to power it from uzeus, especially with grid enabled modules! it can only supply 170mA on +5V according to the spec. less of an issue for ansible as it doesn’t use +5V to power grid but i would definitely be careful when using grid with white whale.

i have had no problems thus far but you have made me nervous! i assume the 4ms row power 40 would be better yeah?

yeah 4ms row 40 provides 1.5A on +5V, should be more than enough. i have a couple and like them. somebody did mention having issues with theirs so might be a good idea to try one first.

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what are you using as audio mixer?

I use a Sound Devices MixPre6M for mixing and recording. But I also am going to swap out the white whale for a intellijel mix up module.

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Hi there,
I’d be interested to hear what you got out of this box! I’m thinking about something similar,built around Clouds, Marbles and the Batumi. Similar in the sense that I want to get generative meditative sounds out of it.

been following this thread for awhile and was inspired to make a little in/out box to handle all digital & analog ins and outs! snd/rtn is mounted sideways in the 1U space. I’ve found that these modules are totally essential but really limit the amount of stuff you can bring while traveling, now being able to toss this in a suitcase with a 3U or 6U is a game changer…



Had a flash of inspiration on this bus this morning. I work a lot with junk cassettes and cassette players, and thinking about ways to perform with them as a coherent setup. Cue the following idea. All DIY (except the power). Considering swapping one of the Mikrophonies or Magnetophons with this Befaco preamp, but otherwise this has everything I would need for a tape gig.


What’s the main benefit of a small lunchbox system?
I am undecided between getting either a unpowered 84HP 3U skiff or one of those moog 60HP.
The modules are the same except that in the 84HP i’ll add a dual attenuverter and a clouds.

They both will have a Grand Terminal, a COLD MAC, a Warps and a Plaits.

I am afraid that the 84HP will offer too much space to get distracted, yet the 60HP will constrain me too much.

This is the 84HP version on MG

Any thoughts?

Have you got that Grand Terminal already? I’m wondering what you think of it.

I’ve had it for a year now, but i had a really old firmware (pre 1.5, my module was probably an old one in the store), and was a little put off.

When i saw the new firmware announcement during superbooth 2018, i updated and started to get more into it.


The FX section i don’t use much, only the reverb sometimes. It’s nice.

Function Generators

The 2 function generators do their job well, but when going to audio range (with pitch tracker) the attack and decay knobs move too fast from sub audio to audio range (almost mids, which i hate), so i haven’t used the function generators as oscs much, i prefer my MI Tides and my MN Function (or dedicated oscs).
Also i never tried that technique to use the function generators as filters/VCA (the terminal has those elsewhere so no need)
One thing the function generators have over MN Function/MN Maths is the exp/lin/log is per stage(attack/decay) not global. It really makes a difference.


The filters are good (to my ears at least, some people can be quite finicky with filters, not me. Also DivKid seemed to like them and i supose he knows more about filters than i do).
When trying self oscillation (without any sound source patched in) i noticed that i only got sound at a mid frequency range, no lows… I haven’t tried it since the update as i have another filter that resonates nicelly.

Other Modes

  • Those secondary modes are too complicated for me as well so i don’t use them (i also don’t use the FX secondary control modes)
  • The filter routing i use them always in paralel.
  • The VCF/VCFA mode i didn’t get good results, a small noise when VCFA mode, maybe the recent update has that covered. I think one would benefit from buying the Gateway expansion (or making a DIY passive module to control the jumpers to switch the modes)

Final thoughts

The youtube video by DivKid is really good showcasing the module (as he always does) and gave me some good ideas.
I use the GT as a final module in the chain (i can only use headphones at home as the mrs. doesn’t like the noise and the dedicated headphone out is great for that).
For a smaller system (between the 54HP and 84HP and you don’t mind having a 26HP module) it covers plenty of bases, and i believe it is a good module.

As you can read from my previous post i have an Osc, a wavefolder(?), the Cold Mac and the GT. I believe i can make somthing useful out of it…

Sorry if this doesn’t make any sense or is not clear enough, it’s the end of a very busy/stressful workday and this is the first review i ever made about something (and i am from Portugal, thus not writing in my native language)


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Thanks. This is very informative. I am going to watch that DivKid video for sure.

On the passive jumper side, I’m likely getting one of these for my Batumi, and it has more switches than the Batumi requires, so I’m gonna see how it works with my UL1 looper, too. Maybe it’d work with the Grand Terminal? It’s 1HP!


By looking at the connectors, it should work. Thanks.

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The person who makes them said he’ll have a new batch later this year.

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Would love to see a video of this in action with tapes :ok_hand:

if you haven’t checked out Ears instead of Mikrophonie I’d like to testify that the envelope follower is a great feature and fwiw it sounds better but ymmv on that.

otherwise, i’d defintiely like to see how this kind of mix works for you, it’s a great approach


I’ve been looking at Ears but I think for this case I want it to be as DIY as possible. I’m putting a Doepfer case together and I think Ears will go in there for some envelope following and manual gates.