42/54 hp Lunchbox Inspiration

Very nice little setup. The Cold Mac really anchors it. I’m surprised you downsized from that Grau pocket case - that seemed like a good size to me.

I’m curious what has you disillusioned with Euro. Perhaps we could even have a whole thread for that, ha.


I think the disillusionment is more to do with me than euro! I like restrictions and euro is the opposite of that in so many ways. I felt kind of paralyzed with choices for a while, so this is the plan now :slight_smile:


I guess I just don’t want to get JF and find it’s not that useful in combo with MG (or with 3S).
I was going to get the 3S for filtering but then I think about JF and how it can do so much besides filtering…
You are probably right and I should flip a coin instead…

I’ve had similar feelings. This is why I think people build systems with modules from one manufacturer, to focus and limit choices.

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Definitely. I tried that with bastl but it wasn’t the right thing for me. I’m still eyeing up the NLC null-a2… :upside_down_face:

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Looks like @TomWhitwell just nailed the lunchbox and minimal mixer game all at once. Looks like an essential module for these kinds of setups. Very cool.


Jep it looks great! Hope it will be released soon!

Literally rewriting the firmware for the clock this weekend!


Still mulling over the dronebox idea mentioned above, but I’ve more or less settled on the noise case idea I’ve been working on. I could probably have these in the same case, but I really like the idea of having them as discrete instruments, so I can take one or both to a show. And it helps me keep a clear head about what I want to do with each synth musically. All DIY case (I didn’t build the benjolin, but still, and may swap the Links out for the MTM Startup when that’s available).

Deliberately a bit dumb; wonky, choppy bleeps and bloops. Also, it’s 60hp but that’s close enough, right? :slight_smile:


very much into the concept of having smaller, discrete instruments that can play well together but don’t need each other.


So, sort of a weird zone, but I very suddenly and impulsively put together a case:


The idea is basically that I’m doing a show with Fred Lonberg-Holm this summer and really want to do it right without messing with my case for the tour that will follow. I also have this idea that it could be a case for other combos and improvisational and more gestural music. I’m already talking to a clarinet/bass clarinet playing buddy in town and maybe reviving mAAs with my pal Tim Barnes for some stuff without committing my full case.

Anyway, curious if people have any thoughts. Basically, this will be coupled with MAX and my Killamix running some granular samplers and spectral filters in the computer. Otherwise, I just have the little bit of playable stuff within this guy, but more focused on processing whatever I’m working with externally. Fred’s cello, my buddy Jim’s clarinet, Barnes’ percussion…



Oh, sort of related, but anyone with these smaller cases have any thoughts on a soft case that would be suitable to toss a 42 hp Intellijel case in for travel?

hey lads, I’m planning to make another portable case, this time out of a pelican 1170, it should fit around 54 hp. i wanted to know do you have any recomendations on how to shock mount the frame? do you think hot glue or sylicone could be a good idea? don’t kno if it workd on polypropylene plastics.

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What are the 54 hp case manufacturers out there? Just PulpLogic?

Just trippin :sunglasses:


UK/EU pals, what options are there for 42hp powered cases or 48hp unpowered cases outside of the Erica Pico case?

Intellijel is one option. They do a 42hp 4u case. Seems to be out of stock everywhere though.

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Yeah, the 42 hp 4U I scored from Detroit Modular (US unfortunately for you), but they definitely seem scarce right now. I just really wish someone made a 54 version :confused:

Cheers! The Intellijel case is pretty expensive in the UK, and there’s no 1u tiles that I’m really after. Basically after something like the Doepfer 48hp case but not so deep! The erica case might be the best bet.

the frap tools ones are 42HP but unpowered (http://frap.tools/products/plus/)