42/54 hp Lunchbox Inspiration


did you build the 1U Radio Music?


No, but the plans for the panel are on the modular grid entry. any 4hp module can be refitted to fit the Intellijel 1u spec.


Seems like these are really meant for single module builds for folks that want that one effect or whatever. Which is cool, but I doubt they’re for me.

That said - I’m surprised we’re not seeing more lunchbox rack options. AFAIK, Pulplogic is pretty much it. Any new small portable cases showing up in the world?


With chainable power and up to 32HP each, they seem ideal for setting up interchangeable groups of modules: 2 can make for a nice complete system, or combine one with an 0 coast. You’d need a fitted case for live purposes though, so not quite a replacement for a nice lunchbox case.


Got my 6U 52hp rails in the mail today💪!
If i have an uneventful weekend, i’ll assemble the box. It’s a wine box, of a region i don’t drink wine of…
I will be mocked by my friends because i am an adamant defender of the wine of my region and always complain about that region where the box is from…
It will make a nice case though.


You can always paint it :slight_smile:


Twin sister mini system :wink:


This is what i have planned:

The first row is because i can’t decide between the E330 and the Tides.


Just mentioning that these 1HP jumpers are back in stock here:

And on the Schenk account on Reverb.


My contribution - my little euro/op-1 travel setup. Sometimes I think about moving up to 4U/52 but I like how compact this stuff is.


lovely, what case is that?


Erica Synths pico case, maybe?


Yes exactly! I just don’t attach the cheeks.


This started on the 104hp inspiration thread. I’m currently looking at having a 56hp “mini-case” made, the odd width for which is the two Quadratts, which I have always wished lived between rows of things.

The only things I’m not sure about are Batumi (overkill, keep it in main case), and Ultrafold (don’t actually have it, just thought it would be good to have). What would you round out the bottom row with?

As I said in the original thread, the goal here is a small case focused on the Mannequins, with only the essential supporting pieces.

Edit: I suppose this is technically not a lunch box, more of a “double lunch box” but I’ve always been a big eater. :yum:


what are you sequencing with, out of curiosity?


Ultrafold is a great module, one of my favorites.
The external feedback input and CV control makes it possible to somehow mix and mess up two sound sources together, and the input gain can add nice overdrive. And it’s an excellent wavefolder, too :slight_smile:. It ould add a lot in a system like this which is pretty light on sound processing…


Did someone say Lunchbox?


I think it’s 53hp (or so)


Because I really like the way Three Sisters sounds in a delay feedback loop, I’d consider a Chronoblob and Tahn[3], which is a wonderful waveshaper/overdriver in it’s own right.

I have no experience with the Ultrafold which does seem pretty interesting, but I will say I really didn’t like the UI of Batumi in expert mode.


I change my mind about sequencing and FX almost daily! This is supposed to be just the basics. Everything else will live… somewhere…


Maybe consider something for sample and hold?

Alternatively, uO_C could act as a sort of filler for a number of potentially handy utilities.