42/54 hp Lunchbox Inspiration


4ms pod 60’s announced!


Ah i much prefer this size to the others. If only there was a lid


60hp starts to make sense. You could build a working system in it. /me likes it.


+1 on 60HP, great size. I still like the look of the Pulp Logic Pelican cases though, because I might want to take my 42 or 54 HP rig out to sea and I’d hate to have salt water get in the way of sick beats.


Looks like the 4MS Pods are releasing Dec 10th for anyone that is interested.


Commence shanty sampling.


Mr. Scruff has your shanty sampling covered… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIUyhjn66f4


The intention for this little sampler was to be a companion to my larger setup, but it’s a lot of fun on its own too. Here it’s on bedtime lullaby duties.


Very nice! Wogglebug and Phonogene are such a great combo. I had a similar mini setup some time ago and loved it a lot.


Finally settled on a configuration (for a while at least). 2x 36 hp.


so noob euro question here - if your modules are like a few mm too deep for the case can you fudge that at all or is that generally Not-A-Good-Idea ?


get longer rack screws and add a few washers under the panel (between the panel and your rack)?

but then your module is raised up in your case… :man_shrugging:


seems ok ! it’s like 2mm difference


In my experience, you can’t really mess with depth. I find that some modules are actually deeper than their official measurement with the power header/cable. The pod cases are nice but they are very slim.


Just got a 54hp 4u box. It’s pretty small! That said it’s also very inspiring. Limitations definitely stoke creativity.

Now I need to decide what to put in.

Has anyone used any of those DC battery bricks? I thought one of these might be convenient if they last long enough.



I’ve got one of the usb battery bricks and a 26800mah usb power supply/bus board that I picked up from modular addict.

It depends on what you’re running, but a 3 sis, cold mac, rings, Pam’s, and an o&c run for at least 4+ hours and a few phone full charges for a weekend away from the studio with plenty of bleeps and bloops.

The build on that power supply is very much doable, it’s all through hole and doesn’t take much time at all. I do suggest doing yourself a big favor and buying keyed headers for it. I also cut mine down to just 5 outlets to better fit into a very small pelican case.


do you happen to have a link for the PSU/bus board you used? I can’t seem to find the one you mean on Modular Addict. thanks!


Probably this one:


Or buy direct from the builder here:

I did the latter, pretty easy build. I have it powering Ansible in a Frap Tools case…


thanks! for whatever reason, it doesn’t show up under the “Power” category on Modular Addict and their search function is a bit tricky.