42/54 hp Lunchbox Inspiration


Regarding the 4ms Pod60

I just realized something upon ordering a second Cold Mac:

You’re welcome.


Hey !
I’m new here !
I buy an teletype last week !
This is my micro system


while I’m sitting around questioning life choices : does anyone have recs for small-box friendly waveshapers ? wmd/ssf ultrafold seems nice


i’ve been eyeing antimatter audios crossfold…




the sound and use of the tanh3 was great but when I had one I absolutely could not get over the poor ergonomics of it, really not a performative module. I really don’t understand why the knobs had to be placed BETWEEN the jacks as opposed to have three sections with an in and out below or above the knobs. :man_shrugging: or have the bottom half the module be all jacks, leaving room for the three knobs to be full size knobs, for that matter.


If you look at Instruo’s larger oscillators it makes a little bit more sense, all of the outputs are top to bottom on the right side of the panel. To me the design seems to imply a set and forget use case, which is how I use mine half the time… I do wish the ergonomics were a bit better but low profile cables help.


my experience so far with waveshaping thus far has pretty much been running 3 frequency bands into 3 tangent functions so yes wow

@n-So I’d say about the same thing about thier website


It does sound really nice! Ive used it in almost every patch since I’ve gotten it.


I love my ultrafold. I use it on all source material but it’s particularly great on rings. The range is huge too, from gentle overdrive to crazy destruction.


do these fit in the pod depth?


On paper, but I didn’t end up buying a Pod60. Too nervous about module depth!

I suspect the depth for modules like Cold Mac on modulargrid is not entirely accurate or reflects all hardware iterations. Cold Mac’s back panel is now different. Seems deeper too.


yeah i original got a pod to put my morphagene in but the depth measurement of 30 didn’t count the header and cable attached, so it did not fit. Seams everyone is measuring depth differently. thanks for the reply.


Sorry you had the trouble, but thanks for sharing. Was going to get a pod and Morphagene!!


that’s a bummer! so I guess they only really fit single PCB designs, or maybe Mannequins (and similar) double PCB designs where the power header connects to the first PCB?


Started my morning listening to the sounds this cute combo made. JF modulating rxmx and Rings, manually adjusting reverb from digitank and having fun with thyme (which I still adore!)


wow! if anything got recorded, would love to hear :slight_smile:


Sadly nothing! But I’ll keep this in mind for the next one :slight_smile:


I’ve been obsessed with lunchboxes since I started thinking of travelling with an Octatrack and the absolute bare minimum to keep things light.

After a ton of deliberation, I realized the best lunchbox was a synth I already owned and sold, the 0-Coast. So I rebought it. But still, as fodder for a hungry sampler, how could I get a little more mileage?

The 4ms Pod32 is the right size to compliment or alternate with—but not dwarf—the 0-Coast. The Pod60 is already overkill, you start adding fluff or looking to buy modules rather than using what you have (which is not the point).

Here is today’s configuration… The puzzle of what to put in 32hp is quite interesting.


A little 41hp (cut the rails just shy of 42hp) battery powered pelican case for travel or couch drones while I read. What’s in it changes frequently depending on what modules I feel like I need to get out of a rut with.