42/54 hp Lunchbox Inspiration


I can now confirm that the Mangrove, Cold Mac, Three Sisters, and Just Friends fit in the 4ms Pods.


Woah, that’s beautiful! Is that a doepfer cv keyboard underneath it all or something you did custom? Such a pleasant vibe.


That setup looks like a lot of fun!


Question for the pod owners: I can’t quite tell from the pictures, but do the sides sit flush with the module faceplates?


Yes, they do. It’s not totally evident from my photo above, but there’s a lip on the left and right edges of the unit which sit flush with the faceplate. I’ll try to remember to take a hi-res close-up tomorrow.

Couple of further observations on Pods:

  • Addictive: I’ve been off work this week and each day when I get up I pull 2–4 modules out of my case, put them in the Pod and bring them to the coffee table with 0-Coast, pedals, etc…
  • Surprising: I was in my local grabbing a pedal earlier and one of the staff was jamming on a Pod26 with Maths and a headphone out. That’s it.
  • Low profile: People complain about the shallowness, but this is a massive feature for me. I was looking for a way of complimenting an 0-Coast, not dwarfing it.
  • Idiosyncratic: The power brick is way larger and heavier than the unit. The “long” barrel cable accessory is actually really short. The 10-pin cable accessory is a must buy. The rails are drilled a bit unusually. I had a little trouble mounting Cold Mac; I had to do the old trick of thumbscrewing one knurlie, squishing the module down to mount the diagonally opposite screw, then doing the other modules like that before doing the final tighten.


That sounds very good!


Just Friends is pretty unsuitable actually… there’s not much use for a ton of unattenuated, unipolar 0–8v envelopes or cycling ones.

I’m currently running Maths and Plaits in Pod32. Cold Mac is my favourite module of all time, but compared to any other module or two between 10–20hp, Maths sort of also does what Cold Mac does with mixing, self-patching, rectification, envelope followin, analog logic, etc. Iwish there was a Pod-friendly 10–12hp EG/LFO with attenuation only to allow Cold Mac to do all the switcheroos as I call them.

Let me know how you’re getting on and if you want to swap ideas.


Actually, because it’s relevant, here’s the key difference between Cold Mac gestalt and what I’m learning is the Maths gestalt:

  • Maths is the centre of a system. It asks you to remind yourself that you already have the tools to accomplish what you want:
  • Cold Mac just… appears to orbit a troubled world, suddenly teleports down to the planet’s surface, then spends the rest of the film drunkenly explaining why this is all a case of mistaken identity.


Its a rehoused Hohner Pianet T. Electroacoustic e piano