42/54 hp Lunchbox Inspiration


I have had hours of fun with something similar to this:

Pretty self-explanatory. Radio Music and Morphagene make very good friends.


Really like this topic, do keep posting both suggestions and setups you already have! :slight_smile: Especially with sound/video so we can hear what your setup can do.

I’m considering getting into modular, but knowing how these kinds of things tend to get out of hand and with some limited space I want to start with a small system, somewhere between 42hp and 54hp, preferably with just a single 3U row.

Since I’m new to this it’s kind of hard to figure out where to start, there is just so much to choose :slight_smile:

I already have a grid 128, which I would like to use for sequencing so I guess starting with an Ansible probably makes the most sense? Or would a Teletype be a better choice even though it’s a pretty big module?
I really like the looks of this https://www.mengqimusic.com/mq-computer/4ney5831b9rqb2r9qiunwcm20uym3i,

but I’ve been unable to find a place close to me to try out those modules and they’re not available for VCV Rack either, so don’t know how useful they are/how well they work together.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Modules I definitely should or shouldn’t pick? Modules that work very well together?
Is it a good/smart idea in general to pursue a small setup?

P.S. Hope it’s OK to post this here, thought it fit pretty well with the topic, but I can create a new one if that’s preferred as well.


Here’s what I’ll be taking to Europe with me next week (this plus Octatrack). I hate rack gaps too but Detroit Modular didn’t have the USB power out 1u. Anyway I’ll leave this here :slight_smile:


It’s not quite 42hp, it’s based on the Doepfer 38hp case, and I’m focusing on sampling, looping and processing guitar, as well as adding a textural voice with rings. I’ll pair it with an SQ-1, external modulation with audio, and an external mixer and fx.

Might expand to a 1u 84hp some day with more modulation and filters but don’t want to go bigger than that!


Perfect circuit seem to be reading this thread :grinning:



Been kind of steering away from the modular hole because I feel like with my mostly DSP tastes theres a infinite-years amount of unexplored potential in my laptop and grid/arc/audio-in setup, but if I do give in and go modular someday a little lunchbox thing might be a good way to do it. Been thinking about something that acts a bit like a “normal” synthesizer to contrast with the audio mangling that my laptop does (especially given Clouds can run on a computer). I’d just have to justify the price over something like a small mono-synth, which are getting increasingly cheap and impressive. Thoughts?

Fun fact: I really have no idea what the Mannequins modules do, so I figured they’re a pretty good choice


luchbox is nice if you want to add analog to your palette.
i’d recommend something to send cv from your computer to the modular - expert sleepers or dc-coupled interface - then you can generate interesting modulation in the computer. i also like to use my modular as a fx send/return with the computer.


It’s weird, I’ve thought about this, but I actually feel like the thing I’m missing from the modular world in my computer isn’t analog, but interaction. Analog emulators sound fine to my ears, but I feel like with those I likely wouldn’t be able to get to as many sonic/musical permutations of the arrangement as I would with a physical thing. That’s more the part of it that justifies the price. It’d be nice to just have something separate from the computer that explores the possibilities behind subtractive-ish synthesis. That’s kinda my mindset there. But ya know I could always add a DC interface as a separate thing too.


Great thread. Fuelling my lunchbox dreams! Does anyone have thoughts/experience regarding portable power? I’d love to bring the synth around outdoors without a generator in tow.


Ström mobile power will soon allow for usb power


A couple threads about batteries:

But yeah, Koma Strom Mobile seems like a solid choice when it is available.


Wouter from Koma out with his Fieldkitar running on a usb battery and Ström

Making stand alone modular instruments

Might be of interest to @Net?


This topic has been on my mind since acquiring a eurorack Benjolin.

I do not feel the Benjolin fits in very well with other modules; it’s unruly and demands to be played by hand rather than via CV.

So why not break it out into its own little world?

Pretty sure this would work very well but plan to continue mulling ad infinitum…


I’d jam on this happily!


Did you drill out your case for the send return jacks?


After having used W/ for a few days now, I’m really getting excited about its possibilities, it leads me to perhaps follow this direction in the future for a little sample/tape box to be used with an arc->ansible.

(edited to show updated recent pickup of STS + Stages!)


This makes a lot of sense to me - always thought the inclusion of the Benjolin into the eurorack ecosystem was something of an add choice. As you say, it really is it’s own instrument.

The ErbeVerb makes sense to me - what role are you imagining the Links playing in this setup?


The Benjolin has a bunch of outputs (2 tri, 2 pulse, pwm, and main, I think that’s all…) and the Links will let me mix them with or without the Erbe, with or without the larger system. It seems like a good balance module…

…but I do not know for sure and welcome other mixing suggestions.

I will know for sure once the necessary pieces arrive from other lands and plan to report back here.