42/54 hp Lunchbox Inspiration


o that totally makes sense! I don’t know what else you’d use within that hp limitation.



I saw the instrument @mrsoundboyking posted and sketched out something with w/ and micro coulds in it… then @geh2oman posted something similar.

How about this:

With the MengQi lines to play the benjolin using the left hand, through clouds, layering with w/ using the right hand, then multiple outputs from all panned with nearness…

I’ve never used any of them admittedly… but it works in my imagination.


The pedal i/o was only used as an attenuator


Ah. I only ask because I’ve thought about drilling out the side panel for a set of audio I/O jacks in order to be more space efficient


This is quite fun for noise…


What happened to that EQ? Did it never made it to production?


Coming out in a matter of weeks, last I heard from Thonk. It’s good fun in this kind of situation for playing/bending feedback


and the 4hp headphone/mixer?


That’s a bit further away, a few months. The design has moved on a lot from this early prototype, and from the version we showed at Superbooth last year.


OK! Got this box up and running today. As predicted, it does, in fact, melt face.

Messing with Erbe-Verb to spontaneously create different “rooms” for the Benjolin rules.

Now, though, want the Erbe in the main case so thinking about alternatives for this lunchbox.

Echophon? Time Sefari? I don’t know. For now, shit sounds good in my noise room.


I am putting together a small rig to travel with. It’s not a long trip, just a week, during which I’ll have a little time in the evenings to tinker. I have two new, deep modules that I’m hoping to use this time to get familiar with one or both of them.

The new modules are: Ansible & Morphagene.

My question to folks who may have experience with them: based on your experience, should I focus on Ansible (a whimsical heavy rig with Ansible & some tile utilities & disting), or do you think I could get away with both (something like Ansible, mangrove or STO as a VCO, disting & links for some utilities, then Morphagene to feed & manipulate sound with)?

Pictures of roughly what I’m considering:


I realize that this is a matter of preference to a degree, as is true with so many of these decisions. I’m just trying to crowdsource some insight that I may be overlooking since I am so new to both Ansible & Morphagene.



I’d go Morphagene rig and bring a mic for site specific travel sample manipulation and all around joy.


Since i am planing sth like this too i wonder if there are tricks to stabilize a lunchbox powered by a powerbank to work with touchplate sequencers like cells, pp, rene xiio etc.

My understanding is those go mad without a grounding?

Here kind of my plan. Shows 60hp for now. I have an old wooden little drawer that would actually fit. But probably too fragile.


And i have this cute thing :smiley: very very massive from back in the days


completely theoretical, but this would be a fun and noisey setup


Ha, nice! I just ordered the noise oscillator kit and thinking of doing something similar in a doepfer 48hp :smiley:


On a Morphagene based skiff would you add first a Just Friends or a Sisters?

I’ll eventually have both in there but right now can only get one. Have spent the past months deciding from wanting more JF than 3S and then changing my mind for the 3S again, so anyone that has used those with MG could care to speak a little on how both combine with it? It would be great help.

ps - i’d also use it with a Maths to modulate both MG and JF or 3S



I use an 3S with my MG and as expected it sounds lovely. Can get some nice results by recording different samples into the left and right inputs on the MG and then processing through the different inputs on the 3S for some cool stereo stuff. The new morphagene update allows for phase modulation as well so I’ve got some nice patches going using the 3S as an oscillator modulating MG.

Never tried JF so I’m afraid I can’t be much more help. If you are going to get both eventually then it probably doesn’t matter which you get first…flip a coin?


After weeks of being totally disillusioned with Eurorack, I’ve realised what I really want from a modular synth for the foreseeable future is a small system that can run and evolve, that I then intervene with small adjustments. So, I think I’ve settled on an idea. 48hp drone box, that can be used on its own or as part of a modular setup (i.e., with a soft pop, kastle, tape machines etc.)


Very nice little setup. The Cold Mac really anchors it. I’m surprised you downsized from that Grau pocket case - that seemed like a good size to me.

I’m curious what has you disillusioned with Euro. Perhaps we could even have a whole thread for that, ha.