42/54 hp Lunchbox Inspiration

This has felt like a fun compact rack to explore. With the oscillator (Siren) offering a couple spare LFOs, the only thing I really feel the lack of is trigger/gate sources (right now, just the Mimeophon)


A few modules put together for my wife :slight_smile:

Super interesting that she suddenly shows interest in synths after watching me making music for 13+ years.

I´m sure this setup can produce some nice ambient music when she is doing yoga. Can´t wait to hear what she will do with it!

Do any of you share a hobby like this in your partnership?


Your spouse has quite a nice synth to work with!

My partner and I have been active in performing, recording, zine-making, and such things for years now. I operate the modular but, for example, she recorded a track yesterday with her Bastk Kastle, Microfreak, and voice yesterday for a video she is sending off for a curated playlist. She LOVES the Kastle and has zero interest in learning the nerdy/technical aspects of it, she uses it as a source of serendipity and discovery.

It’s lovely to have shared interests with people you spend a lot of time with, that’s a key facet of most friendships :slight_smile:


Really intrigued by Siren. Hope it will become widely available at some point.

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