42/54 hp Lunchbox Inspiration


Nice! Did you cut down an 84hp rail or buy 42hp rails?


I’ve found some rails on ebay for very cheap, they were around 28/30hp, they were though with different measures, the threaded strip could is lower than in regular rails so I need 8/10mm screws for the modules. But yes, you might buy longer ones than 84 so when cutting you’ll be sure of getting 42 hp and not less.


Cool, thanks. I have a DIY 84hp case I got as a hand-me-down, I might cut those rails down to 48hp or so and build a case around it, somehow…


That’s a nice hand me down



I was wondering: With that style keyboard, what do you do when you need numerals? Thanks.


Function key combos!


Ah, gotcha. Are numbers the top row (Q - P)?


Here are my two boxes. I recommend installing the power switch in the case. Also if you go with the Pulplogic Output 1U tiles, it is really easy to mount the panel with outputs on the case and free up 12 more hp of 1U space!


2nd row, top row is F keys: you can see if you zoom into the picture…


Oh, cool. Thanks. I didn’t see them when I first looked.


I love the simplicity of this. Any sound examples?


@disquiet, there are multiple function layers on this keyboard (Vortex Core). It’s a 40% keyboard, so the layout is a little bit funky. It takes a bit to get used to, but it not as terrible as it might seem initially.

It also has 3 additional layers that are fully programmable for hotkeys or macros.


Nothing as of yet. I’m still getting it dialed in. I still need to get an 1u output module.


Thanks for that. I assumed it was WASD. I’ll read up on this line.



Thanks for that. A lovely thing, that keyboard is.


This is a great thread and has been an inspiration for me personally along with the Perfect Circuit Audio videos. The last month or so I’ve built a couple “lunchboxes” to take along to a friend’s or easily travel with out in the wild.

The first lunchbox I call “Karplus Diem”. It is a 32hp Doepfer beauty case and is focused around Rings. There were challenges with the limited space and power limitations in the box that I was able to work around with smaller modules and passive modules. The goal was to make this box produce more ambient-focused and meditative-like drones and less about song structure and performance.


The second lunchbox is “Chef’s Special” I made I wanted a portable modular rig that focused around chopping up samples and performance. The Bitbox is great for this very thing, and is completely sample-based. It’s also the brain of box and does most of the heavy lifting. There wasn’t much need for CV modulation for this use, so you’ll notice it’s mostly clock and trigger-based to trigger samples on corresponding inputs on the Bitbox and play around with timing. Also, through in a couple effects for good measure. I might eventually put a sequencer in this, but I’m enjoying what I’m able to produce using a couple triggers and clocks.

Would love to hear people’s thoughts and input on either of these. Cheers


Still chasing after a fun, very small modular for some droney experiments. I wonder if this is a stupid idea or not: