42/54 hp Lunchbox Inspiration


It’s interesting.
Depends on how you plan to use it, but I wonder if you might want something more to modulate the DSGs with? At the moment you’ve only really got the possibility of self patching the two sides. Possibly move the reverb out (easy to use an external unit) and consider a 2hp Random or LFO or something like that?


I agree, you might want to think about adding more ways to modulate the key modules from within the box. I question the need for that mixer and would either ditch it or move to get a smaller mixer to open up some space.


Could be fun, but I think the Serge stuff is more interesting if you have a couple other things to play with. I’d consider it in a larger case more than in this one.

That new Pittsburgh Primary Oscillator might be worth checking out for drones. Interesting oscillator in a small package. I’d pair that with a Batumi and keep the filter/mixer/verb/output you have.


or the new instruo complex oscillator(or two of the smaller, single osc version if 26 is too many hp) - paired with a batumi you’d have a ton of drone options


Some Rob Hordijk love.


Ooh, that Pittsburgh oscillator looks perfect! Thanks, wasn’t aware of that one :slight_smile:

@madeofoak - that Instruo complex oscillator looks lovely. Can’t stretch to that sort of price right now, though.


This is what I’ve settled into for now. Pretty fun and playable little synth :slight_smile:


is that the doepfer vco with the xm input? friend of mine got one of those a while back and was getting some wild modulations from it.


That looks awesome + v. fun. Also curious about the oscillator — ?


Yep, it’s a Doepfer A111-3, with exponential FM modulation (and attenuator). It’s great! I always am so confused about Doepfer due to the more scientific style naming conventions, but really wanted a 4 hp oscillator. I knew I wasn’t getting another Dixie I, and now I’m totally cool with not, because this little one is great. No fine tune knob though and I’m using that and the MMF both as oscillators generally, so if I want them in tune, it’s a little tricky. Like I posted earlier though, it’s meant to be an improv box as the starting point for small groups. A duo with Fred Lonberg-Holm hopefully this upcoming tour and I’m hoping to help my friend Mike Shiflet with a Tetracosa performance when we play in Columbus together.

There are rumors that Intellijel is going to do a 60 hp 4U and if that happens, I’m on it so I can get my Sewastopol and ES-8 in here and bring in MAX. As it stands, I’m not sure what I’d pull to get the ES-8 in this case, though that was the original intent until Fred didn’t seem into having his cello processed in the computer.


I hope they do! Only reason I haven’t bought one of their cases is the 42hp is too small for a Quadratt + Noise Tools, and the 84hp is probably too big (and pricey) for me.


Yeah, not being able to fit the Quadratt was a bummer, BUT, there’s always going to be something that’s a bummer about a case if you get thinking about it in those terms I figured.


Interested to hear what you’re getting out of this case. Thats’s a lot of modulation in such a small space!


This is my learn-to-Monome study lunchbox:

I am alternating between Radio Music firmware with pitched one-shot sample playback and Chord Organ with custom Scala scales, currently a gamelan scale. The Chord Organ pairs really nicely with the DPLPG.

Teletype and Ansible are i2c’d together. Teletype has the 2.3 beta with Grid ops, and Ansible is running 1.61 + Earthsea, though I’m not planning on digging into either of those until I’m through my other studies.

This is my contribution to the modular-plus-organic-objects-as-cultural-signifiers trend:

The lemons and bay leaves bring out something special in the Mangrove’s undertones.


saved by the taco seasoning mix


20 characters of “nailed it”

edit: also “guilty as charged”


To be honest the houseplants and crystals are lovely, and making fun of photos and videos of modular houseplants is almost as much a cliche as the photos and videos. Still, couldn’t resist.


Surprised the new Instruo oscillator has not been mentioned here. Dreaming about this:

No filter though…


Just ordered one of the TS-Ls for my 4u 84 case that I’m trying to finalize. They DO look great :slight_smile:


As someone who is considering putting together a lunchbox, this thread is super inspiring – but where are all the audio / sound demos! Would love to hear what some of these self-contained microcosms are capable of.