42/54 hp Lunchbox Inspiration


I’ve been looking at Ears but I think for this case I want it to be as DIY as possible. I’m putting a Doepfer case together and I think Ears will go in there for some envelope following and manual gates.


if you find those available anywhere would you dm me? i’ve been looking.


Hi. They’ll be for sale here when another batch is ready:


There’s also this 4hp Ladik version http://ladik.ladik.eu/?page_id=948


Had some leftover modules after a big re-org and came up with this little Chaos boi.


That’s really tasty. How do you find it compared to the Benjolin/Echophon setup you had?


Here’s my contribution.
55hp DIY case with “.9U” rack for passive stuff
This is my “process external sounds/jam with friends” lunchbox
The modules have kinda been selected to get my friends into modular
Love mutable ears but the momentary push button is hours of fun, everyone should have one, cost about £2 to make


Not really comparable…

Benjolin vs. Echophon = pitch shifted octopus hallucinogen light trails.

Irukandji vs. LEP Cassa = chiptune primitive drum box blaps.

Both = fun.


and its red. how nice!


Not exactly a lunch box but a wine box that is 60 hp. I’m happy with how this turned out. It’s all Mobenthy stuff.


Yes! I added one to my rack yesterday and it is great


apologies for highjacking this thread with my 60hp system but this seems like the ideal thread to get some advice on a smaller system as i plan to fill an empty DFAM case with two Mutable Instrument modules as both seem fully realised to me…

i’m looking for ideas to fill my last 4HP? thinking of W/ or Music Thing’s Radio Music as i like the idea of this system being a random soundtrap device.

also, what power supply module would you guys recommend for a small 60hp system? i’m hoping with only a few modules TipTop’s Zeus will be more than adequate. cheers


What are you going to use as modulation sources for the Elements and Clouds?
I’d suggest some sort of CV generation in the last 4hp. You’ve got lots of CV inputs there!


where’s your modulation coming from?
Also, clouds really needs some attenuators/vertors for its inputs to get the subtleties out of it.
If you have these things covered elsewhere, no worries, but if not I’d look into something like that for getting the most out of these modules
Hope this helps


Thanks for the replies, I have a bigger case full of modulation and utilities that can be used in conjunction. I felt the need to free up space in my main system and wanted to separate these two modules from the pack as they feel very much like individual instruments and I think having them housed separately will lead to more focused creativity.


Did you ever find your missing Swoop?


Well, thanks to this thread i have now purchased a 6U 52HP frame to build my small case…


I have been wanting to do a small physical modeling voice for a while. I’ve been toying with the idea of making it entirely physical-performance based, where any modulation has to come from the various outputs of Peak+Hold and how I play whatever’s hooked into it. Radio Music would be loaded up with samples of noise or other audio sources, used alone or mixed with audio out from Peak+Hold. The 2hp filter and Disting would be used for pitch > CV, or whatever else if I’m not working with tones.


Have you all seen these?


Better not see that, i might get crazy ideas.