4th Lines Community Stream NYE edition

the time has come for the fourth lines community stream.

this one will take place for as much of new years eve as possible on thursday, december 31st to friday, january 1st.

this stream will be organized by a collective including @tyleretters, @infinitedigits, @anxietymachine and @license. our goal is to provide a means to play out 2020 and enter into 2021. use music to express this transition in whatever way you find meaning. be it releasing grief, or looking to renewal, or providing memorial.

the way it works, as in past streams, is that each performer will be streamed on the lines community Twitch at their designated time (tbd). the community twitch uses a feature called “hosting” to redirect the stream to the performer’s channel. this year, to accommodate more timezones, we will allow pre-recorded submissions. each set can be up to 20 minutes (don’t hesitate to sign up if to share something shorter, we will accommodate you).

everyone interested in participating should sign up here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NzpRfPNz5slYFfgFj9JM_eRiuV66kbob5kr0P5wJJMM/edit?usp=sharing

use that form to indicate whether you will play live, or precord, and whether you would like to play at your midnight (musical countdown perhaps?), and your preferred time span to get a time slot. when we get an idea of the timezones involved / prerecorded sets, we will assign time slots to best accommodate your preferred time span. there is no limit on number of participants.

if you are prerecording, you can either play your video live (see below), or send it directly to via discord by december 30th.

if you are playing live you will need the following:

of course, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out here or on the discord.


awesome :slight_smile: looking forward to the stream!

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gonna do an “arcologies from scratch” thing =D


Thank you so much for doing this!!! I’m in, just need to discuss the time thing before filling in the details.


Great! I would def be up for this.
Really missing live gigs now, it’s been soooo long :frowning:

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we’re gonna close signups this weekend. we’ve got an insanely fun and diverse roster already. i’m so excited for this.


@3Keay do you have any other availability to play? i want to get you in. it looks like there are more late-night EST people than early morning PST people so its skewing the start-time away from AM PST and i’m worried it will not accommodate your preference.

another option might be to do a two-part stream - we could schedule a 2-3 hour block for the AM PST and then another block for the later folks. what do people think about that?

I just reread my info on the google sheet. When I said “AM in PST”, I meant that I am on the west coast, not that I preferred an A.M. time slot. My poor typing skills are showing. I really have no preference. Does that help?


lol. that made me laugh out loud. i AM on the west coast as well (or should i say i PM on the west coast…). i have you down for anytime. everything is all good then. will get the time slots figured out after the weekend!

signups close at midnight pst today! we’ll issue time slots to everyone tomorrow. if you’re not in the discord yet, do join so we can coordinate things. https://discord.com/invite/sQUuebv


– edit: removed old schedule, see below –

here’s v1.0 of the schedule! please let us know if anything needs to be moved around


Could it be this is offset by 12hours?
jlmitch for example listed as “1:00 AM 2:00 AM 3:00 AM 4:00 AM 5:00 AM” CET but is listed as 15:40 CET in the schedule (instead of 03:40).

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@simonvanderveldt right you are! fixed.


if anyone wants help troubleshooting their set up/having someone watch it on the other end, just pop in discord and i can help out, free throughout the day this week.


Thanks; I will definitely take you up on that! This will be my first broadcast so I expect some goofs and/or gaffs.

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so! looks like we’re going to try using https://streamyard.com/ to host the live performances. you won’t need to make an account or anything, and if you’re set up to stream elsewhere it should work just as well here. again, if you want to test out any stuff and make sure it all works, shoot me a PM here or on discord.


we’re also finalizing the schedule. looks like we’ll kick off at:

Start 21:00 22:00 16:00 15:00 14:00 13:00
Musica :dancer:
Intermission 0:00 1:00 19:00 18:00 17:00 16:00
Musica :dancer:
End 3:20 4:20 22:20 21:20 20:20 19:20

Confirming this is for the 31st, 3Keay = 5pm PST on the 31st?


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yes! and please join us in the discord if you haven’t already.

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reminder, your prerecorded videos are due tomorrow :scream: @samarobryn, @jasonw22, @Gahlord, @jlmitch5, @rbxbx (?), @swhic (?). (and anyone else who wants to jump ship to the zero stress zone.) please share as .mp4!