512 owners - where are you?

I’ve found four of you on YouTube, but most videos are 3+ years old. I know some transactions have happened since then, and I’m wondering where the current owners are now.

Are you truly finding the 512 to be worth the price or the real estate? Are you achieving more than you would on a 256?

As I understand it, the 512 was 2 256’s. It would be lovely if there was an app to meld two 256’s into a 512.

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i have a diy 512 and i use my walnut 256 far more

but mines is considerably larger than the other 10 in the world

It is indeed 2x 256 but some apps span to create a single 512

i wouldn’t recommend buying one to be honest as it’s purely button lust :0

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Very interesting! I was also made aware that the 512 cannot be upgraded to vari-bri, and therefore will be mostly obsolete for anyone wanting to continue with monome modules, etc.

Correct, I believe the erurorack modules support up to the 128’s.
And everyone here is right that the 512 is two 256’s with one usb and power port.
You will find it most useful if it’s easy for you to write monome applications and require (obviously) lots of LEDs/buttons to display and interact with at once (like if you already have twenty-two pages in your application and don’t need more). Now, I find my bus-powered 256 very useful for prototyping on-the-go and can keep the 512 safe in time for studio sessions/performance.

I wonder does portable sunsets still have his?


I defintely wouldn’t buy one without a specific idea on how to fill that space (and without the will/time to get your fingers dirty)

I never touched a 512, but I know from my 256 experience: having a huge array of buttons and only really using part of it is not going to make you happier. Starting right away with 512 buttons may be well overwhelming.


h/t to @atomboyd


that’s $14 per button! rock and roll

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For sure mate,

I have a DIY 512, but mine’s is 8 kits, so you can have a number of connections

I’ve experimented with using all these, at the same time - Norns, Crow, M4L, Ansible and MP - Super Rad!! Albeit monobright - waiting for the varibright kits :slight_smile:


Ouch. Actually maybe I should charge £2500 for my 256 and @tehn can basically double the price of a new grid :wink:

Wowser! Anyone know who the seller is?

Seeing that listed more like a piece of art reminds me how much I love my ~2010 walnut 256.

i had one once :candle:

i sold it after a couple years(varibright changed things for me… i also found i prefer a square canvas)… played 5 good gigs with it, though
those 512s are still amazing for things like ‘game of life’ and such… varibright’s not a necessary thing… but ya, i dunno about $7k+ :sweat_smile:(for that amount maybe buy a 3d printer and you can build 512 housings endlessly for others)

:eyes: oh snapz, i see linked near bottom of that page with the 512, a nice varibright 256 from 2012, listed as “Monome256 MIDI Sequencer”… haha, i don’t think that person knew what they had. it’s also going for a nice price, too(i see it’s about to be snatched up). congrats to the new owner!


A mint/unused 256 (non vari-bright) sold on ebay uk for £400 a few days ago.

I didn’t pounce on it quick enough :frowning:

Think the 512 seller’s maybe trippin’? (hope it’s not a forum member - no malice intended)…


Inspired to get my 512 out again, what app is this again ?

sorry, couldn’t find on search.

thanks again

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this was “Serpent Eclipse” (an app i made in Max - but was too much to document back then so i never released it :sweat_smile:), i doubt it’d work today because it required some custom max externals i coded too(for the circular led sequencers to happen more easily), but never updated for current OSes

No worries, no chance of the app (without support) :slight_smile:

No stress if not though,

Cheers for the reply RTRA


i just tried it out, i get too many error messages(i can see from error-messages in the max window there are externals(max objects i coded in C) which are ‘unable to load due to incorrect architecture’(these were built on architectures from 2010(like intel i5, etc.)), and some of 'em i don’t even know where the source-code is anymore to rebuild with)… nothing but a set of non-functioning max-patch-abstractions now :headstone:

I appreciate you trying it out, no worries at all.

This has highlighted 2010 ago.

I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again:

Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around

More beautiful…

Anyone seen Abe Froman?