5U/MU/MOTM: discussion, advice, learning, questions

I could only find a couple of Marienberg videos on YouTube but I did read pretty much everything on their site (interesting philosophy section). I like the FM sounds coming out of it. Like you said, very precise. Their 4-voice polyphonic midi-cv module seems great too. I’m sure it sounds fantastic in person.

I’ve posted a few videos on YouTube and, while they sound pretty decent, don’t really do the system justice because I’m balancing levels with my MPC Live and my Sirin and fitting it in the mix. Then YouTube applies their own compression when you upload. In person, just hearing the raw sound, it feels immense. My output VCA does not add a whole lot of gain because I worry about blowing my mixer, or my speakers. Or my ear drums.

Yet, I did not get dotcom for a Moog sound or for the feeling of raw analog goodness. I don’t think it particularly sounds like Moog (I feel like a lot of that is based on the ladder filter, and I I purposefully did not get dotcom’s LPF offering).

Primarily I got it for the modular aspect. I like the standardized MU sizing, the simplified powering system with connectors that only fit one way (because I’m totally the kind of idiot that would fry my stuff from carelessness), and for tons of modulation options and creative patching compared to fixed architecture synths. I suppose I could have gone with MOTM or such but MU was cheaper and seemed to have more options available as far as (active) manufacturers go. Nowhere near Eurorack level, but I wanted to keep my options open. Added bonus: dotcom is based out of Tyler, TX and I’m in San Antonio, TX. Typically ordering direct from them is averaging like 2-3 days wait time. Another bonus: I already had a ton of 1/4" TS cables. Figured I’d have more than enough (turns out I was wrong).

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Sad news. Looks like dotcom is struggling and likely won’t be around much longer.

I never got around to buying a second box11 to expand upon. Such a wonderful company. I would occasionally chat with James via email. I had no idea they were struggling that badly.