5U Ornament & Crime 2.4" OLED display driver / Beta

Dear community,

I just finished an upscaled 5U version of uO&C for my large format rack (which is using Eurorack power, like Kosmo, but 220mm height). Let’s call it MakroO&C.

To make it better looking, and just because I recently became addicted to BIGGER interfaces, I had to put in a 2.4" OLED instead of the 0.96" OLED which comes with the original O&C and Hemisphere. After realizing that the New Haven OLED (as used in Monome Teletype) is slightly over the top for O&C (we do not need grayscale), I went for an (inexpensive) EastRising display based on the SSD1309 (1306 in the original).

As the East Rising display is slightly slower than the smaller OLEDs, I had to add DMA sub-page transfer and dynamic SPI bus frequency switching to the original driver. Even though I did general timing tests using an analyzer, I consider this a beta and would be happy if others would try it out.

Please note that the bigger display cannot be powered by the O&C PCB, it needs its own 5V (which I took from my rack bus).

2.4" for the original O&C firmware:

2.4" Hemisphere firmware:

If there are any dedicated forums where I would find more O&C users/developers, please let me know.



Excellent work!
The Muffwiggler forum has a couple of active O+C threads.
This one is for the “standard” O+C:
PID is one of the co-creators of the module, I believe.

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I was literally thinking yesterday about using SSD1309s that I have lying around to make my original Ornament & Crime and Temps Utile into a bigger standalone box with format jumblers and some additional attenuators. So this is excellent and I would love to try it!

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